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Project • By Belhasa InteriorsShops

Fauchon Paris

Founded in 1886, Fauchon Paris represents a major reference to the contemporary French gourmet cuisine. Known for its artistic pastries and iconic desserts. The client wanted to create a unique design that reflect the artisanship of the brand. The brief was simple, we want people to feel that they’ve entered into a gallery of artisan French delicacies. Due to its location inside a shopping mall, Belhasa Interiors had to carefully craft and design every corner of the restaurant to reflect this identity. We created the shop front to communicate an outdoor vibe and strategically located a seating are on the periphery of the restaurant that mimics a “terrace” feeling to the customers. We have designed the retail space to showc... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

French Chocolate Store Design

Featuring subtle hints of Rococo style in its charming modern interpretation, this French Chocolate Store Design in Sakaka, Saudi Arabia, is both quaint and contemporary. Its mint green exterior with large windows immediately takes you away to the fancy sidewalks of Paris. The white and wood interior with lush chocolatey displays is just as welcoming. This shop is a delicacy in space form. The whimsy of the pastel theme and the fantasy of the unique light fixtures gorgeously cap off the whole store’s ambiance. More

Project • By VitaleShops


The renovation project of this emblematic store, located in a historic building in the old town of Castellón, originates in the dialogue between the original architecture of the building and the renewed business philosophy.The idea is to position the store as a reference in trends, fashion and lifestyle. The project interprets the personality of the company manager, alma mater of the business, his passion for fashion and his careful selection of products. Garments and accessories with unique, special and surprising features.The design of the interior and the new brand promotes authenticity, exclusivity and maximum care of details. Honest and open spaces are designed with a cosmopolitan, elegant and urban philosophy, in keeping with the styl... More

Project • By PinYee HebeiShopping Centres

Stainless woven architectural mesh store interior

Here we'd like to share a project that architectural mesh use as partition in the fashion store, simple texture to gain the wonderful decoration.The mesh use in this project is pretty normal stainless woven mesh, big aperture shining stainless surface. the simple metallic glossy, black frame &the whole space are bring out the best in each other.The designer's budget is actually not enough when he find us, so the last choice is this simple & relatively cheaper texture. But even in this way, he chose just the best one, the able see though mesh won't cut the space as two but surely help the space being diversification.There will be more choices when you need architectural & decorative mesh from PinYee Hebei, textures, colors, shap... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Luxury Shoe Store Design

This luxury Shoe Store Design in London, UK has been specifically designed to emulate a lush, decadent look that highlights its brand identity. The Heel & Buckle Luxury Private Limited is an expensive brand that wanted to set up shop in a culturally rich area of the city. The CAS design team was therefore tasked with the careful designing of an adaptable façade along with an adequate interior setting. The location of this shop overlooks an almost 100 year old historical context, and with big name brands like Hermes and Christian Louboutin on either side, it was especially challenging to make the design stand out. However, the CAS team managed to do so exceptionally well by going for a simple but impactful exterior that highlights the elega... More