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Project • By Strikolith BVPrivate Houses

Villa te Drongen

Architectural villa with the Strikotherm external wall insulation system 100-200. This sleek modern building with a minimum of details, integrated rain drain. This trendy home in white decorative plaster insulation system has dark accent with black crepe plaster, the last one without insulation. This has the same insulation in cavity ...The poster of the Strikotherm system that gave white finish with structure is popular! The Interior is mostly finished with products of Strikolith. More

Product • By Strikolith BVStrikolith binnenafwerkingen

Strikolith binnenafwerkingen

Strikolith is a renowned producer and supplier in the finishes industry. Specifically designed for internal and external use, a wide range of plaster, mineral plaster, finishing paint and wall paint, plaster casts and filling primer, easily processable and available in many colours and structures. Plaster material for indoor and outdoor useStrikolith produces several sorts of plaster of different granule structures and sizes. The colour palette has more than ten thousand different colours. We like to call ourselves trendsetters in the Dutch plaster industry. We strive to achieve this every day. More

Project • By Strikolith BVPrivate Houses

Villa te Roosdaal

This architecture can be described as tight, smooth and very modern. The white ornamental work cover with insulated exterior walls and a minimum of plinth, is nowadays the most chosen finishing method. Processor Gaëtan, wants more references in Flemish Brabant, more specifically the "pajottenland" because of the lovely rural location. More

Project • By Strikolith BVHousing

Residence Wijngaerde

New construction project in a visual combination of different materials. All inside surfaces are finished with Dalapro S. Our Dalapro spray putties are ready-made solutions especially for mechanical processing on miscellaneous surfaces. The outer walls are finished with Strikocem Mep + and Strikocem K13. Subsequently the facades were finished with our Peents Pearlcoat. More