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Project • By StructureCraftParks/Gardens

Tianfu Agricultural Expo

At over 800,000 sqft (75,000sqm), the new Tianfu Agriculture Expo is the largest timber structure in Asia, and one of the largest in the world. The structural design for this series of 5 vaults uses unique Vierendeel trusses to achieve clear spans of more than 115m/375ft and heights of 45m/150ft, which are fully erected on site. The building is slated to open for visitors mid-2022. More

Project • By BindenPrivate Houses


This house is located in an old sector of Chicureo, municipality of Colina, has a big terrain, which provides freedom of design in terms of the layout and orientation.From the above, the real challenge is to achieve greater control and efficiency for external factors; as the great thermal oscillations between the seasons of the year, solar radiation, pollution and intrusions of third parties to the property. All this without sacrificing spatial quality, functionality, luminosity, views or ventilation.The house is arranged crosswise to the ground, orienting its main facade towards the west, which also faces the street. This façade is made up of walls that are rather hermetic and, very controlled windows, and protected from sunlight after noo... More