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Product • By RENSONFixscreen Minimal

Fixscreen Minimal

Renson® is a pioneer in windproof sun protection screens against winds up to 130 km/h, and its new product the Fixscreen Minimal raises the bar even higher. The ultimate aim is the highest possible level of aesthetic integration into the façade. To ensure this, each and every part and detail of the Fixscreen sun protection was studied in depth: box, side guiding channels, fabric roller tube, dimensions, screen tension, etc. The result of these efforts being: minimal dimensions and a high-end design that enable a nearly invisible installation. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsDistribution Centres

Singapore Free Port

Christie's auction house operates a storage facility for art and exclusive objects at the Singapore Free Port. The architects specified a building shell made of GKD Omega 1520 architectural mesh with the weft wires coated in a dark golden color, giving the building its luxurious appearance. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsConcert Halls

New World Symphony, Miami

This parking garage is part of a campus that includes the home for the New World Symphony - America’s Orchestral Academy. The energy-efficient structure featuring GKD Helix 12 metal fabric maximizes natural lighting and ventilation, offers safety and security, and can withstand hurricane force winds. More

Product • By solaris tendeAcoustic roller blinds

Acoustic roller blinds

Acoustic roller blinds for skylight, glazed roofs More

Product • By heroalheroal HS

heroal HS

As a horizontal blind, the textile sun protection system heroal HS for above-glass installation protects from sun radiation. The little space required makes the unobtrusive integration of this sun protection possible. In addition to its zip guidance, the sun protection is tensioned via a back pull system. Thanks to perfect system compatibility with heroal patio roof systems, this system can also be integrated later on. The textile sun protection heroal HS is available in a wide range of designs and fabrics, and colours harmoniously match the colour range of heroal VS Z OR. More

Product • By heroalheroal VS Z OR

heroal VS Z OR

As vertical blinds, the zip-guided sun protection system heroal VS Z OR is ideally suited to be combined with the patio roof system heroal OR, in order to provide protection against wind and weather as well as sun glare, but also against cool temperatures on chilly evenings in spring or autumn. The textile sun protection is made of a transparent fabric that, by reflecting the sunlight, reduces sun radiation by up to 75 %, while at the same time permitting natural daylight to get in. Additionally, up to 98 % of UV radiation is filtered out. This way, the system ensures a pleasant room climate on hot days and allows for a regulation of the room atmosphere, providing optimal protection against blinding glare, prying eyes and heat. Thanks to it... More

Project • By Ignacio Prego ArchitecturesCourthouses

Pointe à Pitre Palace of Justice

Traditionally large and thick as if to express force and power, the walls of the Courthouse in Pointe-à-Pitre evoke openness and transparency. In this way, the building challenges the ice-cold popular image of courts with an apparent warmth, an immediate readability of its forms, and a liberation from the authoritarian codes of judicial architecture.   Built in continuity with the urban fabric and the principal alignments of the city, the Courthouse adapts to its relationship with other buildings in Pointe-à-Pitre. The colours used in the project come from the chromatic environment of Pointe-à- Pitre and in particular from the Prefecture building that faces it, while the varying light reflecting from the aluminum... More

Project • By heroalOffices

Modern office building of AC Group A/S, Denmark

AC Group A/S and a harmonious building design In Viborg, the second-largest municipality in Denmark, the office building of AC Group A/S was completed in 2018. The city is centrally located and has a charming historic centre and some well-known churches, such as the Romanesque Viborg Cathedral. A number of different companies in the vehicle and hydraulics industries are based in the city’s large industrial zone. The holding AC Group A/S is a market-leading craftsman’s and repair business in the area of workshop and lorry cranes, also offering a wide range of lifting devices for the automotive industry. Therefore, the industrial zone of Viborg is the ideal location for the business and the new office building of AC Group A/S. &... More

Product • By heroalEnergy-efficient full shading

heroal VS Z

The versatile four-sided heroal VS Z is an innovative and energy-efficient zip screen system. It comes ready for individual use as well as for use in medium and large-scale commercial construction and designed for use in schools, offices and residential buildings in particular.The heroal VS Z consists of a translucent mesh, which is installed in front of the window. By reflecting sunlight, the system enables a reduction in solar radiation of up to 75 %, while still allowing daylight to penetrate. In this way the system ensures a pleasant indoor climate on hot days and enables control of the room's atmosphere. At the same time the heroal VS Z guarantees optimum glare, privacy and heat protection.The sun protection system creates savings on c... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERLibraries

Library Ourense

Sun protection facade with Architectural MeshTo protect the interior against excessive sunshine and overheating, the large windows of the library in the Spanish Ourense are covered with HAVER Architectural Mesh.For the sun protection screen the architect Jose Manuel Casabella Lopez chose the cable mesh MULTI-BARRETTE 8301. With its open area of 66 % it acts like an elegant transparent cladding.A special feature of the façade cladding are the diagonal wire mesh elements, which are to the façade. Due to the optical overlaps of the diagonal wire mesh elements, moiré effects appear at the façade cladding.In total Haver & Boecker supplied 678 m² stainless steel wire mesh, including the proven mounting system consisting of round bars, eye bol... More

Product • By Kaynemaile LtdKaynemaile Armour

Kaynemaile Armour Exterior Systems

Specialising in polycarbonate architectural mesh screens for existing or new buildings. From single-piece flat screens for retail facades to multi-screen sculptural car park building installations, we have a solution to work with your design and budget. More

Product • By FAKROElectric Awning Blind AMZ Solar

Electric Awning Blind AMZ Solar

Electric Awning Blind AMZ SolarBrief:Electric awning blind is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use. Key information:Use:With any FAKRO roof window.Application:Roof windows, protecting from overheating, ingress of natural light, visual contact with the environmentCharacteristics:The awning blind ensures up to 8 times more effective protection against overheating when compared with internal blinds. More about this product:AMZ SOLAR powered by solar batteries and controlled by remote control. In emergency cases, awning blind can be controlled by service button located on the awning blind. Solar awning blind is powered with 15VDC battery pack built-in blind’s case.The batteries are recharged by the sol... More



LARGO-NOVA is characterized by its crimped flat wires and vertical round wires. The architectural wire mesh creates a homogenous appearance with reduced transparency. It is suitable for interior or exterior applications.   Weight: ~ 6,6 kg/m² Open area: ~ 40% Main applications: Façade, Sun Protection   Characteristics: • homogeneous appearance • homogenous light reflections created by the mesh structure • suitable for sun protection   Architectural wire mesh is often used with a stainless steel look, however there are numerous options available for coloring: Painting (complete or partial) in RAL or metallic colors, digital printing, wire mesh made of non-ferrous metal (cooper, tin bronz... More
Architectural wire mesh facade

Project • By HAVER and BOECKEROffices

TCO Ile de la Reunion

HAVER Architectural Mesh combines functionality and outstanding design in an attractive way. Due to its semi-transparent geometry, metal mesh is well suitable as external sun protection. It combines sun protection with excellent use of daylight, natural ventilation and good transparency from the inside. For the restoration of the TCO head office the architects from Ground Architectes chose a façade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh. The used stainless steel mesh should on the one hand visually enhance the façade; on the other hand it should ensure effective sun protection for the office building. From a wide range of architectural mesh types the architects chose the stainless steel wire mesh LARGO-NOVA 2032. Especially for thi... More

Product • By RENSONPanovista Max

Panovista Max

‘Invisible architecture’ is a new trend, which fits within the need for minimalism. This new development is ideal to be used for corner windows of glass on glass, where conventional sun protection screens do not offer a solution. The Panovista Max is a canvas blind for corner windows, where there are no permanent bothersome aluminum profiles or cables visible in the corner. Both sides of the system are rolled up or down at the same time and ensures the best protection to living- or work area, without losing the view of the panorama around the building. This solution is integrated almost invisible in the architecture of the building. The box and side conductors could be hidden aesthetically and even the bottom bar disappears in... More