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Product • By LuceplanDoi


Doi is a family of decorative indoor lamps which takes on different possible configurations in the suspension models, formed by only a disk and a cylinder, or with the added “pendulum” accessory. Depending on the interaction of the key parts of the project – the disk and the diffuser cylinder – as well as on the magnetic attachment or the play of counterweights, different compositions can be created, to produce the desired orientation of the beam of light. More

Product • By LuceplanLady Costanza - Suspension Lamp

Lady Costanza - Suspension Lamp

Lady Costanza - Suspension Lamp reinterprets all the characteristics of the original Costanza model in a larger format, conserving the aplomb of the design, its formal harmony and functional precision. The shade comes in white, red and black (the latter for a more directional, concentrated lighting effect). More

Product • By LuceplanHoneycomb


Like the cells of a beehive, the hexagonal modules of Honeycomb are freely grouped in a suspension lamp of captivating organic symmetry. The hexagons, connected by clips, form a self-supporting structure to contain energy-saving halogen and LED sources, for direct and indirect lighting. More

Product • By LODESKelly Cluster

Kelly Cluster

Kelly Cluster spectacularly reinterprets the creative intuition of the family of Kelly lights in a sculptural and extremely compact sphere, mounted on a canopy and allowing multiple different compositions at will. A suspension lamp in metal, characterised by its lightness and vibrancy thanks to the unique laser cuts that create captivating plays of light and shadow, it is available in four different finishes bringing any space to life. More

Product • By LODESKelly


Seductive beauty with a bold personality thanks to the strong and precise laser cuts, which lighten the metal of the lampshade and create an intriguing play of light and shadow. Kelly is a multifaceted family of suspension and wall lamps that stand out with elegance in any living space thanks to the variety of available forms and finishes. More

Product • By LODESCima


Inspired by the function of the jam cleats found in sailing boats, Cima —a nautical rope in Italian— is a “suspended” lamp characterised by a ceiling-to-floor rope, a sleek and highly functional design element. A joint that holds the lamp body slides vertically along the rope, while the counterweight allows to manage any excess rope. The simple cylindrical shapes and the black colour of these elements highlight the three brilliant finishes of the rope, vibrant accents to suit any interiors and décor mood. More

Product • By LODESA-Tube


A simple form that delivers the light to wherever it’s needed, enhancing the space. Tubular and slim, A–Tube is a versatile lamp available in three different sizes and three finishes. It can be fixed directly to the ceiling, suspended singularly, or used in cluster compositions to create special effects. More

Product • By FlosDiabolo


Pendant light with direct lighting designed by A. Castiglioni, composed of a ceiling rose and diffuser. Body in aluminium with external paint in 3 different colour options (shiny white, beaver brown, and cherry red), while the inside of the diffuser is shiny white. The diffuser may be moved vertically from 95 to 240 cm using the cable reel within the ceiling rose. The light source has an E27 socket. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlOVONELPIATTO


Massimiliano e Raffaele Alajmo, 2010 Metal Suspension lampThe light in the plate is the most beautiful light.The light which makes us the unique guest in the restaurant,which makes us live a real multisensory experience.But, above all, the light which turns the table into a place to meet and to love. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlOVO


Massimiliano e Raffaele Alajmo, 2010 Metal Suspension lamp More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlSHANGHAI


Davide Groppi, 2013 Methacrylate - Metal Suspension lamp More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlCARTESIO


Davide Groppi, 2018 Methacrylate - Metal For this project, a thin, circular mirror has been suspended in order to provide soft and soothing light.It combines direct and indirect illumination.Cartesio pays homage to one of the founders of modern optics.A sophisticated clamping system allows positioning of the circular mirror where you want, without needing wall or ceiling wires. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlQuiQuoQua


Davide Groppi, 2017 Methacrylate - Metal Suspension lamp with magnetic luminairesIt’s a new kind of suspension lamp with a rechargable battery.The light source is applied magnetically to a metal dish that hangs from the ceiling using a very thin steel wire.The effect is delicately elegant.QuiQuoQua allows light to be taken where it is needed, without the limitation of electric wires.QuiQuoQua: the light where you want it. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlChainDelier


A play on words between “chain” and “chandelier”. I was looking for a chandelier, something new, but classic.I wanted something simple, but with character. Like a pearl necklace.A chandelier that would allow us to solve the eternal problem of decentralisation.ChainDelier is a golden chain that bends under its own weight, creating a perfect  parabola and projecting light from its bottommost point. Gold is the ultimate metal. It is a metaphor of energy and desire. It is also the ideal metal to conduct electricity.Shining with golden rays like a modern version of a chandelier from Versailles, it is at the same time simple and linear.ChainDelier can be whatever the user wants it to be, inserting more chains and/or l... More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlMASAI


Maurizio Mancini, 2015Methacrylate - MetalFloor and suspension lampPower supply with plugMasai is a taut string of sudden light. It is a subtle line between Earth and sky that shifts your attention elsewhere, towards the discovery of unexpected detail. Weightless, flexible, Masai is ideal for art collectors and exhibitors, bringing light to hidden corners and giving value to the whole picture. We like to think that the light on a work of art shouldn’t ever be more important than the work itself.That’s how Masai came to be conceived: to light paintings and sculptures in a simple, effective and versatile way.Masai is pure simplicity, perfectly adapted to every ambience.It is a dark, invisible line that gives a sudden spark of brass.It is late... More