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Project • By SVOYA studioBars


Photo: Alexander Angelovskiy   Coffee House "CULTURIST" is located on the first floor of a historic building on the Central Avenue of the Dnipro city. This Coffee House positions itself not just as a place of leisure, but as a cultural space where every element corresponds to this idea - from interior elements to coffee paraphernalia. It is a Coffee House with its atmosphere and ideology. Where the interior does not dominate the guests, but creates an optimal restrained entourage for recreation, communication and cultural development.    On the area of 70m2 has been achieved to place the coffee house hall with a bar area, where is the process of making coffee, and a small technical room, as well as one bathroom. For the c... More

Project • By SVOYA studioApartments

Miracle morning

Miracle Morning is apartment with unique philosophy, was discussed on first meet with SVOYA STUDIO. The accent is morning the most important time of the day and sun (like a symbol of sunrise) we can see in some elements of apartment. Even in small hall, isolated from natural lighting, there are discoball which make beautiful sunbeams in all walls. And colors of sunrise we can see in decoration of apartment. Symbol of feminine and masculine displayed in coffee tables-mural from DecorKuznetsov. There are bed oriented to window, in small bedroom. In this case, you can see sunrise in morning trough panoramic window. More

Project • By SVOYA studioApartments

Timeless apartment

Free layout and admire panoramic Black Sea view were the initial data for the designconcept of apartment with area of 69 m 2 in Odessa City. The latest became a referencepoint of interior concept. The main focusing is on panoramic view and interior shall be a framework of exterior.Apartments are specified for life and relaxing of the owner of an apartment. The attention is drawn to comfort and high quality of all space elements.Role in the preparation of food is quite conditional. This enabled transit accommodationof Poliform kitchen with all necessary elements which resulted in visual increasedspace. The studio includes Rimadesio dressing-room. It is individually designed takinginto account two-way orientation.Access is provided from entry... More

Project • By SVOYA studioApartments

Levitation apartment

The architects of SVOYA STUDIO faced the task of smart arrangement of space and creation of laconic and comfortable interior in 135 m2 apartment in the city of Dnipro.During the design decision phase, owners of the apartment focused on provision of as much space as possible for the child area through reduction of the living room space. As a result, the following areas were formed:- Total space of the entrance room with large commodious storage system, kitchen with dining area and living area. Joint enclosed balcony serves as a small lounge area with a hanging lounger and greening.- The guest bathroom goes into the common space, but it is visually isolated and belongs to the entrance room- For preservation of total integral space, all transi... More