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Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker®


Porcelanosa launches Solidker®, its new full-body technical porcelain brand. Made up of seven natural-look collections, the firm has taken a step forward in ceramics innovation and formats with these highly resistant, versatile and modular pieces, all compliant with international technical regulations such as CTE, UPEC or ISO. The full-body product is aimed at both public projects (gardens, squares, urban furniture and car parks) and private residences.Solidker® stands out for its exclusive composition, the result of each series being monitored and individually treated at every stage of the production process at Porcelanosa's central facilities. This full-body piece has a number of advantages, such as resistance against adverse... More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Morse

Solidker Morse

Product of subtle graphics and chromatic richness suitable for all types of spaces. A Morse collection emulates coloured microcement with a spatula finish, uniting a trendsetting appearance with all the advantages of porcelain tiles. Wide variety of colors and different formats for flooring and cladding. More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Core

Solidker Core

Technical porcelain tile that reflects the absolute natural beauty of nature. The Core collection combines all the benefits of through-body porcelain tiles with faithfully emulated cement textures. A collection that stands out for its rich variety of patterns, Core can be used to create amazingly resistant surfaces with a broad spacious feel. More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Concrete

Solidker Concrete

Solidker Concrete - When the strength of cement meets the beauty of technical porcelain. A concrete-effect tile collection that combines all the advantages of ceramic tiles with a look perfect for creating settings with a strong contemporary allure. Floor tiles conceived to bring a minimalist, modern look to settings. More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Deep

Solidker Deep

Deep represents the simplicity of stone, combined with the high performance of through-body porcelain tiles. Thanks to the random patterns on the tiles and the fact that they can be laid in different directions, dynamic layouts can be achieved with a highly realistic appearance.  More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Avenue

Solidker Avenue

Technical porcelain tile with granite appearance for both indoor and outdoor use. This through-body porcelain tile combines the timeless beauty of a granite appearance with high technical performance based on an improved manufacturing process. Avenue is available in various colors and finishes. More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Petra

Solidker Petra

This floor tile imitates Basaltina stone and it can be installed both indoors and outdoors spaces.  Significant thickness veining, intense color and granite finish. This is the new Petra series that imitates Basaltina stone and is aimed at spaces with great personality where the aim is to convey hardness and resistance. The focus is on the single vein that is drawn per piece since it has a large size and a very strong color. More

Product • By PORCELANOSASolidker Adda

Solidker Adda

Adda collection combines stone fossils with a soft marbled veining. Inspired by the east coast stone, the Adda collection stands out for combining stone fossils with a soft marbled veining that is distributed irregularly in the same piece. This means that there are areas where the gray veining stands out more and others where the attention is focused on the porosity of the stone.  More