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Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Trade Shows

A New Smart Future

Divided in three distinctive areas, Jomoo’s stand at Shanghai KBC 2021 impresses a feeling of renovated energy, symbol of rebirth after the Covid time. This long period marked for all of us a new sense of community, a better connection with local cultural awareness and an increasing belief in technology as the way to make human life better. This feeling is delivered by the stand design and the connected key visual concept: dreaming the future with a smile. According to the Jomoo’s role of innovator in the Asian kitchen and bathroom market, we imagined a human centric lively environment, filled with warm colors and rounded shapes, complemented by wide use of light wood. Traditional Chinese elements and urban tech suggestions mix... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHOffices

Messecarree Wien

Messecarree volume A consists of a two-armed parallel building surrounding a freely formed courtyard.The architectonic shape shows the new image of the quarter and symbolises an “opening towards the suburb” by a decentralizing structure, transparency and a connecting green area.To the west the building opens up, in the east the two wings are united and windig up the courtyard whereas the lower levels open up and allow the construction to project out freely above the outside staircase.Horizontal zoning:The level beneath the plaza includes retail spaces and a central hall to combine the different usages with the public space, the parking deck and the plaza level.The two elevated basement floors above the plaza level contain office... More
Sino Portuguese Trade Center

Project • By Wong Tung & PartnersCultural Centres

Sino Portuguese Trade Center

Located in the Lago Nam Van district in Macau, across from the Legislative Council in the vicinity of the Macau Tower; this 50,000 sq.m. Sino-Portuguese Trade Center is designed to celebrate the long-term Sino-Portuguese relations. It will serve as a platform to promote trade and cultural exchange between China, Macau and Portuguese speaking countries that were once on the Maritime Silk Road. The shape of the building is inspired by the tradition Chinese good luck charm - the “Ruyi”. Designed as a curvilinear sculpture in the landscape, the building gives blessings to a prosperous future for the Sino-Portuguese relations and trade development. The façade is highly decorated, just like the surface of the Ruyi. Interlace of tradi... More