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Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsCommercial Landscape

Bamboo traffic signs ‘s-Hertogenbosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch is the first municipality in the Netherlands to use traffic signs made of bamboo. The bamboo traffic signs are placed in the countryside near the city, to test whether the signs are sufficiently resistant to different weather influences. The bamboo traffic signs are developed by HR Group in cooperation with MOSO®. MOSO® Bamboo N-finity material is specially profiled and impregnated for outdoor use in the factory. In previous laboratory tests, Bamboo N-finity achieved durability class 1 and is therefore extremely suitable for outdoor use. The test with the bamboo traffic signs is a good practice test for the material, which is a sustainable alternative for the widely used aluminum.   Traffic safety and s... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRATransports

Terminus Stop Gravensteiner Platz

Frankfurts newest, Northernmost urban quarter is connected to the Frankfurt subway system by the newly built train line 18 „Frankfurter Bogen“. The terminal stop lies directly on one end of the urban square „Gravensteiner Platz“. The architects had to work with a very narrow platform (only 4m) on which - due to the neccessary passage widths of 2m on either side - no furnishings were possible. Consequently the waiting area with seating possibilities and weather protection is located at the end of the platform under the wide area of the roof structure. Apart from purely functional features such as protection from wind and rain, waiting areas have to have a high sense of orientation, whilst being easy to maintain and keep clean, all the t... More

Project • By ipv DelftTunnels

Poort Neerbosch

In order to improve traffic flow Nijmegen City Council decided to redesign the Poort Neerbosch intersection. Besides the redesign of the traffic intersection itself, the project included a redesign of the bicycle and pedestrian routes as well. The existing underpasses got a facelift, and a third one was added. All elements of the landscaping were connected in a total refurbishment.The most eye-catching element of the redesign is the innovative steel portal to which traffic signs and traffic lights have been attached. The portal with its 13 m high pylons and 41 m span is a new landmark and a recognizable gateway to the city of Nijmegen. The intersection is Nijmegens main entrance on the western side of town.For this project,we team... More