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Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsOffices

Black Coexistence

Black coexistence is the second project of the main hall in  Europassage Business Park designed by Dmytro Aranchii Architects. In contrast to the Tween Coexistence project, the second reception hall is designed in black, with coloured sofas and constructions in turquoise colour. The hall combines the functions of a waiting area, a reception, a cafe, a communication area, and a bathroom.   The task was to create a space that would welcome the employees and visitors of the business park and create an area for communication and meetings. Also, it was necessary to anticipate the area of the cafe and connect it to the common space.   The main motive of the concept is the dynamic lines that indicate the main transit path: from... More

Project • By Seliuk designChapels

Chapel of the Intercession

Silhouette of chapel is taken from traditional Ukrainian wooden church tower. Surroundings of pinewood forest conditioned vertical shape of the chapel. Small floor area (9 m2) compensates by high interior space. Square floor plan, thanks to tilted walls, twisted at an angle of 10⁰, ends on the top in the form of octagonal star. The lower horizontal light gives the impression of elation. The structural scheme is a traditional frame covered with shingles. Two types of lighting: the first resembles candles, the second - luminous cross. Entrance is a part of opened wall. The glass door gives the impression of openness. More