Unconventional chairs

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Product • By Lambert KampsFat Furniture

Fat Furniture

Fat shaped Furniture, inspired by the rising rates of obesity in Western consumer societies. The sometimes strange shaped human bodies, was the inspiration for furniture with an obese look. More

Product • By A&B Rosa dei LegniLuigia Chair

Luigia Chair

Reclaimed old oak chair, brushed with tynex brushes, woodworm treated and finished with water paint -rough effect- or oil. Mixed chair back made in reclaimed old solid oak and burnished handmade iron. More

Product • By ClassiconMunich Lounge Chair

Munich Lounge Chair

Modern art of the 20th and 21st centuries deserves an appropriate setting, with a building and its furniture that is just as modern. Berlin architects Sauerbruch Hutton were thus faced with an exciting challenge when asked to design the Museum Brandhorst in Munich. Three different seating solutions were developed for the museum that opened in 2009 – for the cafeteria, the foyer, the conference and lecture rooms as well as the lounge. ClassiCon developed the designs to the point of series production in close collaboration with the architects. Along with demanding expectations in terms of form and quality, the typical wear and tear that the furniture would be subjected to in the public space had also to be taken into conside... More

Product • By TjepChair of textures

Chair of textures

The Chair of Textures, Tjep.'s contribution to the project Smart Deco, started with an architectural experiment realized for the Dutch Architectural Institute in 2005 called House of Textures. Living in an increasingly prefab world, the question we asked ourselves was: is it possible to detail an entire house as if it were jewelry? And can we achieve this using modern automated fabrication techniques? In order not to fall back on to traditional decorative patterns we devised an archetypal house in four cut-through layers of different textures from graffiti to wall paper, including bricks, tubing, carpets etc... We used the iconography of all these elements to build up a new layered house (scale 1:25) out of two materials: glass and... More

Product • By TjepBarbapallone


The Barbapallone is based on the famous cartoon Barbapapa, a series of form manipulations have lead to a playfull interpretation of the classic Pallone chair by Leolux called Barbapallone. The Barbapallone is a chair that would actually like to transform into something else. The chair was auctioned by Leolux, the profits were donated to the Pink Ribbon foundation. More

Product • By TjepXXL chair

XXL chair

As the proportions of people evolve to the standards of western consumerism so may the proportions of objects that surround us, this project is a preview. We designed this chair with super size aesthetics in mind. For their hundredth anniversary Arco asked 12 designers (a.o. Jurgen Bey, Ineke Hans, Job Smeets and Joris Laarman), to give a vision on the future of furniture. More

Product • By TjepRecession Chair

Recession Chair

After visiting the Dutch Design Week in October 2011, I was struck by how little the design world seems to react to the immanent economic crisis threatening Europe and the world. So here is a little something to make up for my esteemed colleagues. Following up on the XXL chair from 2005 we now present the Recession Chair. Receding is the act of withdrawing and diminishing. We were interested in exploring the visual impact of receding in relation to a design object. We took an Ikea mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object is barely functional as it most likely wont withstand the weight of the pe... More

Product • By Studio HomunculusSymbiotic Chair

Symbiotic Chair

"Joong Han Lee, founder of Studio Homunculus, created a chair that requires symbiosis between the user and the object itself. The user must balance with their legs to sit down and the chair is obsolete without the user's presence. As the user sits down, the weight put on the seat counterbalances directly onto their legs. This mutual dependency allows the user to feel empathy for the chair in a most tangible, physical way." More

Product • By Ministry of DesignWoofer Chair

Woofer Chair

space between music and listener - creating a fully immersive soundscape. Inspired by the form of the loudspeaker and coupled with technology that allows for sound waves to vibrate throughout the seat, the user hears and even feels the audio spectrum. As a chair, a woofer or the confluence of the two, the Woofer Chair's subtle duality is captured in its form - a “driver” that produces sound encased in a “cabinet” – the soft ergonomic inner portion tightly stretched over the hard fibre-glass outer shell. Its sheer size gives gravitas to the low bass resonances while the tapering of its sides to mere millimeters is a nod to the treble timbres. Beyond its precise clarity of form, the Woofer Chair can also be uniquely customized to capture a my... More

Product • By KielnhoferInterlux


Interlux chair literally lights up the room. Reminiscent of American minimalist artist Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light sculptures, this unique chair literally lights up the room. Manfred Kielnhofer plays with fluorescent light and transparent tubes that change colour creating an out of this world atmosphere. The chair is a composition of unique long neon lighting contained in transparent tubes placed horizontally; a surprise of what one can do with commercially available fluorescent light fixtures. Also available in environmentally friendly paper tubes. Sponsored by: Plexiglas – The original by Röhm, Evonik Industries, Interlux Austria More

Product • By Maximo RieraThe Octopus Chair

The Octopus Chair

The octopus’ elegance is perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this piece. The artist wanted to be faithful to the animal’s physique and the natural majesty of its movements. Máximo therefore attended to each physical detail of the octopus in order to make the animal the unique protagonist of the whole piece. In the same way that man and nature rely on each other in order to coexist successfully, the Octopus Chair places the animal and human-being in harmony, where each is considered equal and one is not subject to the other. The octopus is not decoration; it is as intrinsic to the chair as the person sat upon it. The Octopus Chair thus establishes the affair between the animal, chair and the human as one single entity. More

Product • By CappelliniSharpei


A “textile” chair with a simple soul and a light and indefinite image. Sharpei is manufactured in beechwood and “dressed” with a fixed crumpled housse available in cotton gobelin or in white/black cotton patterned with “cappellini” logo or even in a metallic bronze-colour fabric. More

Product • By Veraseri DesignsA. Colubris Lounge Chair

A. Colubris Lounge Chair

A very unique piece designed by utilizing the most distinctive air form shapes and patterns caused by the flight of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). As the Hummingbird flaps its wings it pushes oxygen away and creates the most beautiful vortexes and within a still shot a definite shape. Each shape is captured by thermal imaging cameras, and meticulously recreated and placed within the piece utilizing the fullest of balance and surprisingly unsurpassed comfort. This piece was created with a very special closeness to the hummingbirds as per the design team spent a great deal of time taming a number of wild hummingbirds. More

Product • By Magis spaMagis Proust

Magis Proust

Now the “Poltrona di Proust” has become an industrial rotational-moulded object. A new energy of colours and atmospheres for a timeless object. More

Product • By DmdesignAtmosphere


“Atmosphere” is a spheric armchair entirely made in double wave pasteboard. It can bear over 300 Kgs weight. It is made up of 30 pieces tied together. The parts that compose the chair are exclusively fixed by dap-joints and folds, no use of glues, screws or other elements that usually are useful to the assembly. The armchair is available in light brown colour, but we can arrange all your need. dimensions: 113 cms x 113 cms x 90 cms weight: 10 Kgs More