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Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersMasterplans

Tivoli Hjørnet

The enduring beauty of Tivoli Gardens, now 174 years in the making, lies in its gentle foundational idea, to be a recreational fantasy park serving a substantial and active city.With the completion of the Hjørnet project, it has been our privilege to engage with this extraordinary place and to be included in the latest chapter of its storied history.The original character of Tivoli as a place of amusement, culture and recreation has been sustained by a commitment to constant change and self-renewal. Janus-like, it looks to both the past and the future. It is our hope that the new building, placed in this historic setting, will gracefully anticipate and accept the overlays that will inevitably accrue with time.The key architectural idea for... More

Project • By dpai architecture incShopping Centres

SouthTown Improvement Study

SouthTown is a unique district nestled below the Niagara Escarpment near downtown Hamilton. It encompasses the prominent streets of James and John South and includes major attractions such as St. Joseph's Hospital, the Hunter Street GO Station, the Augusta entertainment area, and the historic James South Terraces. The vision for SouthTown recommends several actions to guide improvement in the district. To name a few, the City of Hamilton can help improve the physical condition of streets and sidewalks by investing in urban design that maximizes the use of the more popular corridors. This includes a redesign of the sidewalk in front of the historic James South Terraces, the introduction of public art at key gateways, and the transformation o... More

Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersBanks

Bank of China at 7 Bryant Park

This project for a new office tower in midtown Manhattan is located on a block-long site fronting on the Avenue of the Americas between 39th and 40th Streets, and it presents an especially interesting opportunity. It adjoins Bryant Park diagonally across from the northern intersection of the Avenue of the Americas, and our goal has been to show how a building on this site can both enrich the experience of the Park while at the same time make its relationship to the Park a clear expression of its identity. The program calls for a building that conforms to the mandated zoning envelope and setbacks while maximizing office floor plates in a volume that rises to 28 occupied stories in height and provides approximately 474,000 s/f of office space... More