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Project • By ArchiGuruCommunity Centres

Bamboo Cat Shelter

Huerto Roma Verde is an outdoor community center located in the heart of Mexico City.  It is home to various nonprofit and local organizations hosting weekly events and activities.  One of the organizations here is a group of seniors who are in charge of rescuing stray cats.  To help create a permanent place dedicated to the care of these animals a plan was created to upgrade the existing shelter to accommodate beds and food storage for about 20-30 kittens.  Only materials found at the center were used for this project which included Tetra Pak panels, recycled bamboo poles, and salvaged wood pieces.  The participants for the construction of this project were local volunteers and architecture students. Caption... More

Project • By Fernando Menis ArquitectosParks/Gardens

Rodin Museum Tenerife by Fernando Menis

History and context Historically, the Viera y Clavijo Cultural Park represents an iconic landscape and cultural space of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Built in 1903 with a design by the architect Mariano Estanga, it took the name of the botanist José Viera y Clavijo and has been used as a cultural complex, made up of the Pérez Minik Theater and the Colegio de la Asunción, an old neo-Gothic church founded by Belgian nuns, later transformed into the first school for girls in Tenerife, which was in operation until 1978. The only example of a Gothic religious building in the city, the School has the category of Asset of Cultural Interest of the Canary Islands (Historic Artistic Monument) since 1986. @Fernando Menis @Feranando Menis The... More

Project • By NatufiaShops

INSIDE Furniture

This project is of our collaboration with Inside furniture store located in Estonia. The effortlessly beautiful design combines both contemprary elements and an integration of the space with our Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden. More

Project • By NinetynineShops

VanMoof Brand Store

Introduction Dutch bike brand VanMoof is on a mission to introduce the Dutch mobility mindset to the rest of the world and in the process get as many city dwellers on bikes as possible. To this effect, they’ve opened a number of brand stores in cities around the world, designed by Ninetynine. Welcome to Dream City.   “The e-bike is transformational for the urban commute. Where bikes were traditionally considered for the 5km range, the e-bike is suited for the 30km commute. We engineered this new range with the urban commuter in mind and designed a riding experience that will change urban mobility as we know it.”  - Taco Carlier, co-founder VanMoof -   Design concept After years of successfully selling... More

Project • By AIR GARDENParks/Gardens


Client: AIR GARDEN ShowroomLocation: Vitoria-GasteizDate: 2012System: AG 2 POSTMUR + AG CESTRUCT PLANT and ecological Orchard.Project: Our AIR GARDEN vertical gardens adapt to multiple existing enclosures. With the AG 2 POSTMUR system (poles for two rows of baskets) we were able to maintain the old stone wall that surrounded the plot. The result: a perfect combination between different organic materials.This project is a clear example of the versatility of AIR GARDEN. In the remaining wall that surrounds the plot, we installed a vegetable garden combined with decorative baskets, full of white stones.Both in the AG POSTMUR system and in AG POSTDIV, it is possible to add AG LUX lighting, composed of low energy cost Led bulbs, respectful with... More

Project • By Edgley DesignHousing

Pear Tree House

The concept for this backland house, completed in Spring 2014, began with a 100 year old pear tree, a remnant of the site’s history as a Victorian fruit orchard. The house has been built around this tree, creating an internal courtyard that brings light and air to the centre of the plan, while turning the house inward to remain private from the surrounding terraced houses. The ground floor walls are cast in concrete with vertical timber formwork, giving a vertical panelling effect with an expressive natural grain and texture that blends into the surroundings. The locally sourced larch formwork was carefully chosen to give a relief that was prominent but refined to suit the domestic scale of the building. To reduce the environme... More