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Project • By ADD Architekten ZT GmbHPrivate Houses

LOI 63

Puristic means getting by with a few materials.    On the hills of the community Gießhübl, with a wonderful view over Vienna, the purist residential house for a family with three children was built in the summer of 2019. In its materiality, the client and the architect's demand was to use an absolute minimum of materials and at the same time showing a clear and extremely reduced formal language, both inside and outside. A clear spatial structure with room for maximum development for the individual users.   Among other things, the technical implementation and construction of the building are essential, since this is not a typical house. A single-shell concrete wall construction made of pure 50 cm thick insulatin... More

Project • By Alumil S.AHotels

Hotel Moskva

Back in 1905, the story begins with the creation of a landmark. To the north, the majestic Danube crosses and to the west, the tributary Sava, in one of the most beautiful and central spots of Belgrade. This building constitutes a classic hotel, a "jewel" for the city. On the vertical axis, sharp lines emphasize its strict character, while on the horizontal axis, the curvature tends to smooth out this notion. The unobstructed panoramic view concerned a focus point of the architectural approach and a vital component of the building. A minimal design approach which preserves the traditional style dominates the configuration of the windows and the bay-windows which surround the building. Earthy colors allow a smooth integration into the surrou... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceResidential Landscape

Chestnut House

The first house designed and built by our architect studio is located on a small piece of land between Kopřivnice and Štramberk. It was built in a former recreation area where a large, old Chestnut tree was growing in an overrun field. This beautiful tree was a focal point for this property and the house became known as Chestnut House. The small area, orientation of the land and location of the chestnut tree clearly determined the overall atmosphere.The dark brown house surrounded by the lush green landscape mirrors a chestnut breaking out of its thorny green shell. It is built of raw, untreated wood with burnt lining to compliment the solid chestnut tree.The freestanding house is built in 2 sections, a larger living area and a smaller tech... More

Project • By DZAPOffices


ID&T, a worldwide authority on dance festivals and electronic music, moved into new offices in the iconic A’DAM Tower on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam. The new offices had to be an interpretation of a festival site, but one that had to be built to last: less wild, but clearly identifiable and with a lot of variation. DZAP designed and built an office with an amazing variety between the spaces, where the employees can work, have lunch, or just enjoy the amazing view, either in groups or all by themselves. More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoWarehouses

The powder magazine

Monorail Como lakeFunicularElevatorAn only-one material available on the territory that the builders have been able to use in various forms and using it in various construction elements.Between earth and sky, from the pavement to the chimney. Pebbles as paving, stone ashlar make up the bridge, squared blocks the walls of houses, and stone sheets the roofs. Here the circle is complete, it closes itself: a single constructive material, born in these places and in these places returns to be part of it in various forms.Lichens and moss turn yellow stone and the mountain reclaims the elements lent to man. More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoPrivate Houses

"Young old man, old young man"

There is a painting which name is "Young old man, old young man". The painting was exposed at the deconsecrated Church of San Pietro in Atrio in Como, an ancient space in which inside the works of the artist José Molina found the right position.It was in April of three years ago. The project was an ongoing though. It was requested the extension of a house with the typical character of the area, moltrasina stone, wooden shutters and a double-pitched roof.The existing building is an old construction, and the new extension modify its nature, but in a way to combine the two...Many ways able to be taken but only two ones possible, without falling into compromises.Way A. Restore the old, by doing a unit bigger construction with contemporary chara... More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoPrivate Houses

Inside home

The archaic shape of the house has been reproposed inside the inhabit. The rhythmic sequence of the portals is precise and constant.The inner modules are free, they don't follow any plan. More

Project • By SPF:architectsPrivate Houses


This single-family residence that sits atop an existing flat pad features a façade held in place by a high-performance two-sided architectural panel tape. The owner of the home was an executive of 3M, which is where this tape was developed and to our knowledge is the first application for a residential home.The house sits within an existing development with rules restricting development to the current flat pad and limiting height to 14 feet above grade. The single story house is a rational arrangement of equal bays with private and public functions on either side of two courts that create a swath of light, water and space through the middle of the building. A clerestory running east-west brings south and north light into the galle... More

Project • By David Vandervort ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Magnolia Remodel

This remodel transformed a standard 1950’s daylight basement house into a dramatic view focused residence for a couple including an Accessory Dwelling Unit and Art Studio. The 3,800 sf home is located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle and has a sweeping 270 degree view of the city, mountains and bay. One inhabitant utilizes a wheelchair making accessibility an overriding concern necessitating the inclusion of an elevator.Limited by budget and regulation to the existing foundation the house became a vertical assemblage of spaces reaching toward the view. The design emphasizes this verticality while anchoring to the ground plane with brick accents. Despite the modern materials of the home the brick serves to relate t... More

Project • By Imbue DesignPrivate Houses

Red Hawk

On a gentle ridge looking out to Park City the Red Hawk residence is perched on a mountain crest that offers the perfect vantage point for its spectacular surroundings. By way of outdoor living spaces the home's design weaves uninterrupted views of Utah's iconic mountains into the daily living of the family that flocks there.For Park City's serene summer season the home is wrapped with a deck for breakfast dining, lazy day reading, and sunset viewing. But with the 7,500 foot elevation and the raw, breathtaking views also comes extreme weather in spectacular form. At this elevation the arrival of spring can bring with it gale force winds; early fall can produce earth trembling thunderstorms; and winter can pile up snow in excess of 12 feet [... More

Project • By Arkan Zeytinoglu ArchitectsOffices

Rooftop MH1

House with a bomb damageThe building was originally designed and built in the „Gründerzeit“, with a richly decorated facade and a tower at the north-eastern corner. After it had been heavily damaged during World War II, the house received an „austerity facade“ without any kind of decoration, structured by nothing but the remaining window areas. Over the years, a variety of different shop portals created a facade mix on the ground floor, as is common in the Mariahilfer Strasse.Remodelling the building has restored its consistent appearance. The ground floor has been adapted to current standards of shop portals in modern shopping districts. The dormer of the roof areas at the crossing point of Mariahilfer Strasse and Getreidemarkt resulted fr... More

Project • By Alumil S.APrivate Houses

Villa in Montenegro

The house is situated at the foot of the mountains in the area of ​​Crna Gora, Montenegro. Location of the house (the south-eastern corner of the site) is selected according to several defining principles: - Handling panoramic windows on the north side of the house, in order to avoid overheating the house. - The most favorable views from the windows of the mountains. - Create shade from the house for a comfortable stay on the terrace in the sun of the day. The basic principle of the architecture of the house - " the interpenetration of interior and exterior ." Design and terraces extend beyond the glass partition and go back to the stained glass . More