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Project • By Móz DesignsStudent Housing

Aspire at Texas A&M

Designers at Gensler Houston turn to Móz Designs to create a one-of-a-kind student housing experience.Tasked with designing new student housing for Texas A&M students, the design team at Gensler Houston knew they wanted to create something that would stand out from other housing in the area. Built in 2018, Aspire College Station Luxury Student Housing (with 15 stories and 263 units) does just that.“Aspire College Station was created to offer Texas A&M University students a lifestyle, not just an apartment,” explained Ane Rocha, an associate at Gensler Houston, who says the design succeeded in being a differentiator from its College Station competitors. “Gensler worked with the client to develop a student housing property that would... More



This wall sculpture are inspired by the modern architecture and made from 588 squares with about 27.000 small cutted squares.DimensionsL 190 | H 64 | D 7 cmMaterialOakFinishrawYear of creation2018 More



N°19011This wall sculpture are inspired by modern architecture and urban forms. The design follows the same form language as the benches and is customizable of different sizes.DimensionsL 190 | H 190 | D 7 cmMaterialSpruce /Épicéa / FichteFinishBurned and LimedYear of creation2019DimensionsL 222 | H 125 | D 6 cmMaterialSpruceFinishLimedYear of creation2018DimensionsL 190 | H 190 | D 7 cmMaterialSpruce / Épicéa / FichteFinishBurned and limedYear of creation2019 More



N°18091This wall sculpture are inspired by the TIDELANDS BENCHES. The design follows the same form language as the benches and is customizable of different sizes.DimensionsL 222 | H 125 | D 6 cmMaterialSpruce / Épicéa / FichteFinishLimed / Limé / GekalktYear of creation2018 More

Project • By ater.architectsBars


PUNKRAFT is a craft beer bar just around the corner of a historic pedestrian street in Podol, the Kyiv downtown. This basement spot, packed with craft beer fans these days, used to host a cocktail bar.Our task was to change the schematic layout of the premises, keeping its kitchen and toilet facilities location, to equip cold room for beer kegs storage and completely redesign the interior including the entrance and guest zones. Stylistically we inspired by the industrial aesthetics of beer equipment and the philosophy of the craft brewing movement itself such as freedom, punk, experiments and custom production.This concept pushed us to use materials such as stainless steel, cold rolled metal, concrete and neon light to create a special rebe... More

Project • By Johannes Torpe StudiosShowrooms


Drawing on the heritage and foundational stories of the legendary sports brand we created a collection of brand installations for the new Nike office in Beijing. The pieces were designed under the concept ‘Changing Perspectives’.DESIGN CONCEPTThe project involved translating core Nike stories, materials and techniques into new scales and contexts. Focus was placed on materiality and finding interpretative ways to represent the universe of Nike innovation. The challenge was to create pieces that not only tell stories, but also have an impact on the audience and working environment.The nature of the art pieces varies from framed photo prints and interpretations of the iconic Nike logo to a ten meter long lamella wall creating a magical illusi... More

Product • By M O R A N / B R O W NMetal Facet Wall Sculpture

Metal Facet Wall Sculpture

New "Facet Series" wall sculpture by Moran Brown Studio. This 4'h x 5'w dimensional artwork is made from faceted aluminum, airbrushed with metallic and transparent paints. Artwork can be scaled up to large dimensions, ideal for feature walls. More

Product • By M O R A N / B R O W NHercules


> measurements: 5' H x 5' W x 2"Depth > date created: 2011 > Description of art/ process: "Hercules" wall sculpture is made from folded strips of copper sheet that have been heated to achieve various tones of oxidized color. The pieces are assembled and riveted to a steel wire frame to create a pixelated portrait of a Roman Statue of Hercules. More