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Project • By Listen CommunicationChapels

Christine Chapel

The Chapel is not only a symbolic building of Yeonsei University but also a place to be inspired by the Christian spirit represented by the missionary Underwood who arrived in the country 136 years ago. The building has been praised for embodying the spiritual value of aesthetics that the university pursues. The design of Christine Chapel is focused on adjusting balance while meeting the needs of its primary purpose as a chapel and to be served as a multi-purpose hall. In addition, the design takes into consideration the relation between environment, space, and human in order to harmonize them as a whole. These aspects of the design that the designer has value can be found from the use of material. Oppose to the heaviness of hardwood and s... More

Product • By FlosIC Lights Ceiling/Wall

IC Lights Ceiling/Wall

Wall-ceiling lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser. More

Product • By Louis PoulsenVL Ring Crown Wall 1-2

VL Ring Crown Wall

The wall lampt emits light directed primarily downwards. The opal glass provides a comfortable and uniform illumination of the area around the fixture.   The story behind the productThe VL Ring Crown family derives from a lamp designed by architect Vilhelm Lauritzen for the Danish Broadcasting House in Copenhagen in the 1940s. The wall lamp and pendant versions, with the characteristic organic form, were put to good use at the Danish Broadcasting House. For this project Vilhelm Lauritzen also created the VL38 and VL45 lamps. The original VL Ring Crown never appeared there, but not long after, a Ring Crown based on the original drawings was launched. In 1947, the designer Finn Juhl, who worked for Vilhelm Lauritzen, used the VL Ring Crown as... More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsPrivate Houses

Private Residence Rotterdam

This beautifully renovated residence located in Rotterdam was equipped with Modular's latest luminaires. We've used our surface Semih to brighten up darker corners and Lotis tubed to highlight the white walls.    Products used:  Lotis Tubed Semih   Photography: Nicoline Rodenburg Architect: DOEN More

Project • By Evo-LiteHospitals

Cooperman Family Pavilion

The illuminated feature wall casts RGB light onto the primary staircase inside the lobby of this healthcare building, which can be seen from the outside through the full height glass facade. The vertical design of the accent wall emphasizes the height of the space while infusing light into the entrance area and creating visual interest.Twenty-one LED Light Panels form the three dynamic wall features of the lobby, controlled by DMX decoders with signal amplification. The color changing panels create a broad array of colors that fade slowly through the visible color gamut. This is theoretically 16 million colors, which is the product of 255 x 255 x 255 (the range for each channel). The vibrant lighting effect can be set to static colors to su... More