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Project • By Delugan Meissl Associated ArchitectsOffices

NEUmarkt Bielefeld

Department stores, once the „cathedrals of retail“, have become problematic urban zones due to the rapidly increasing volume of online retail. As an alternative to the monoliths that were mostly built in the 60s to 80s of the last century, new concepts with small-scale structures are needed that allow the broadest possible mix of flexible uses in addition to traditional retail and give the ideal of urban diversity a contemporary form.In place of the former Karstadt building, the NEUmarkt Bielefeld project proposes an ensemble of 4 differently formed structures grouped around a covered market place. The open arcades, oriented towards the market place, provide a zoned and well-tempered transition between the areas of public use an... More

Project • By Söehne and Partner ArchitectsSculptures

Wannenraum competition

The starting point of our Wannenraum project is Covelano marble and everything that has formed it over millions of years. After being shaped by heat, pressure and time, marble blocks are cut out of the mountain. Similar forces are now forming the flowing shapes of the Wannenraum design, creating canyons, cliffs and cavities, revealing the soul of the stone.The soft curves create extraordinary water moments. Flowing transitions, hills and slight differences in height underline the function of the sculpture - capturing, collecting and flowing of water through an artificial landscape.The shaped landscape in the form of an outdoor wellness oasis is characterized by its strong presence and its natural design. The design emphasizes the uniqueness... More

Project • By Söehne and Partner ArchitectsCultural Centres

EXPO Contest

The brain as a model.The brain with its structure for thinking and the production of knowledge provides an architecture that suggests imitation – not just for computers and machines but also for architecture. The brain is extremely adaptable – and when activated, it is extremely powerful but also economical and efficient.Learning and joy. An inspiring place that awakes curiosity. People are invited to leave their comfort zone and gain new experiences while having fun exploring, experimenting and breaking new ground. New associations create new possibilities. The brain is made up of 100 billion nerve cells; the connections are crucial for the ability to perform and learn. Surprising combinations provoke creativity.Analog & Digital. In ou... More