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Project • By Banker WireZoos

El Paso Zoo Cat Adoption Center

At the El Paso Zoo’s Cat Adoption Center, MNK Architects was scoped with creating a fun, colorful, and family-friendly environment where the potential adoptees and cats could have one-on-one encounters. In the renovation of the Cat Adoption Center (previously known as The Asia Exhibit), MNK relied heavily on Banker Wire’s SJD-2 wire mesh pattern to create a key architectural installation that was both functional and decorative, helping realize the overall design scheme and purpose of the Center.Asian motifs underscore the architecture and design of the Cat Adoption Center—a structure that was originally built in the early 1990s. Inspired by the building’s original design, MNK Architects’ renovation built on thi... More

Product • By Banker WireDecorative Plating Secondary Finishes

Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes

A decorative antique plated finish can truly bring out the texture of a woven wire mesh in ways that other coatings cannot. Antique finishes bring out the depth and texture of the weave while solid colors bring out the transparency characteristics with a splace of color.The thin layer of metal does not mask the detail of the wire mesh but rather highlights it. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. Then, visual depth is created by physically relieving the high points of the wire mesh allowing the bright plated alloy to show through. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing. More

Project • By Neiheiser ArgyrosSubway Stations

North Greenwich Sculptural Screen

NEIHEISER ARGYROS COMPLETE PERFORATED SCULPTURAL SCREEN AROUND LONDON UNDERGROUND EXHAUST VENTSLondon and Athens-based architecture studio Neiheiser Argyros have completed a 14-metre tall perforated metal sculptural screen that wraps around a London Underground exhaust vent and fire escape. The enclosure folds and thickens to contain a large digital media screen, a small cafe, and public restrooms. The corrugated metal skin both obscures and reveals the infrastructure contained within, creating a subtly dynamic veil that changes expression throughout the day.   The project is designed to be in dialogue with the adjacent Tide elevated linear park, designed by Neiheiser Argyros in collaboration with Diller Scofidio + Renfro and opened... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Frost Tower

The design concept of Frost Tower in San Antonio, Texas by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects called for a stunning wall covering that provided visual interest and a glowing effect. The design team thoughtfully chose Banker Wire’s M22-80 woven wire mesh in a stainless steel and brass mixed alloy configuration. To enhance the color and sparkling visual effect of M22-80, custom mirror panels spanning 28 feet high were placed several inches behind the wire mesh to leverage the mix of alloys, lighting, and unique pairing of finishes. The depth and movement of the beautifully contrasting woven wires dynamically change as the viewer’s perspective changes. The open percentage of the M22-80 pattern creates a double image reflection in the m... More

Product • By Banker WireL-196 Large scale wire mesh pattern


The Banker Wire L-196 is a Lockcrimp woven wire mesh specification. This square weave can be woven in a variety of alloys including: Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, Weathering Steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel, Galfan, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel/Brass, Stainless Steel/Bronze, Stainless Steel/Copper. More

Product • By Banker WireSJD-21 Architectural Wire Mesh Pattern


SJD-21 is a perfect mesh that is woven purposely to appear irregular.  The well coordinated manufacture of this woven wire mesh pattern is made possible through over 100 years of weaving experience. More

Product • By Banker WireM13Z-345 Architectural Wire Mesh


This medium-duty, triple shute weave aesthetically accentuates a vertical or horizontal look; from a distance, the three wavy wires create a wide band perpendicular to the straight wires. Banker Wire can produce over 800 triple shute wire mesh patterns as they can be scaled in many different ways, making it ideal for railing infill panels, parking garages, and screen walls. Bring your next project to Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in wire mesh, and we’ll help you create something extraordinary. More

Product • By Banker WireL-81 Woven Wire Mesh Pattern


The L-81 woven wire mesh pattern is an economical, robust multi-purpose weave that can be manufactured from a wide range of alloys.   More

Project • By Takayuki KuzushimaPrivate Houses


This building is a hut-like house on the outskirts of Aichi Prefecture.The area around the building is a peaceful place with fields and bamboo forests.The planned site has two main houses, and a study hut and an agricultural equipment shed attached to them.Several decades ago, there was a livestock hut.   There, two or three generations live on a single site with multiple buildings.And they live in a way that keeps building renewed in line with their current life, as they thought of on the spot.A client working as an electrician requested a room such as a study room and dining kitchen, a storage space for materials, a refreshing space with colleagues at work, and a place where local people gather in the event of a disaster.This plan... More

Project • By BGD&C Custom HomesPrivate Houses

Urban Classic

This 7500 sf single-family, 5 bedroom home designed, built, and engineered by BGD&C Custom Homes is located in Lincoln Park. The home features classic architecture and timeless detailing with a brick and limestone façade and prominent copper-clad bay windows; and boasts lavish exterior entertaining space, including a side yard, rear yard, balconies, and roof deck. The clients moving from the Chicago suburbs are empty nesters and have two children.  Amongst the owner’s must haves- an urban home that could comfortably accommodate their visiting children, and spaces throughout designed specifically for entertaining. The house was already partially built when the client acquired a second lot, allowing for two additions &nd... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Che Figata

Che Figata is an Italian restaurant with a European-style market located in Naperville, Illinois. The restaurant serves up “Italy to Table” themed meals focusing on homemade pasta and pizzas with a few twists on Chicago classic dishes. At 7,500 square feet, Che Figata seats around 220 people. In Italian, Che Figata (pronunciation: /kay fah-GAH-tah/) is a slang expression that means roughly “that’s cool” and is used when discovering something special. The restaurant itself is designed and inspired by the phrase to bring a fresh and modern, yet authentic Italian dining experience to Naperville. Outside the restaurant, Banker Wire architectural woven wire mesh pattern H-1 sits within Banker Wire U-Edge, used as... More

Project • By BDR bureauPrimary Schools

Enrico Fermi School

Turin-based architectural firm BDR bureau completes the transformation of the new Enrico Fermi School in Turin, the winning project of an international competition launched in 2016 by "Torino Fa Scuola". The initiative, promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo and the Fondazione Agnelli, in collaboration with the City of Turin and “Fondazione per la Scuola”, embodies a cultural, pedagogical and architectural reflection on the new learning spaces of the Italian school.The existing school building, built in the 1960s in the Nizza Millefonti district between the former industrial area of the Lingotto and the Po river in the south-east area of Turin, has been extended and it is functionally rethought. The new educational needs – in which the scho... More

Project • By Lucas RigottoPrivate Houses

Vally Farm House

This house rises in Brazil,in a region in Serra da Canastra called“Vale da Gurita” – Delfinópolis / MG (-20.328394, -46.668900). In need of a shelter for sporadic stays at their Vale Formoso Farm, in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, this family chose a strategic point for the house construction - on top of ahill, privileged place inside the valley, characterized by 360-degree visibility of the surroundings. Contemplation and interaction with nature was the main attribute of the architectural idea and, as a background, the house has only green mountains and blue sky.The program was defined by the client, who requiredtwo suites, one large bedroom with bunks beds, for family, visitors or adventurers and one bathroom, that also served the social ar... More

Project • By LMN ArchitectsBridges

University District Gateway Bridge

The new University District Gateway Bridge is located in Downtown Spokane, between the University District and the east Sprague neighborhood. The dual-span bridge crosses over the BNSF railway and East Martin Luther King Jr. Way, generating new connections within the local community and fostering new development in the traditionally underserved Sprague neighborhood.Howard Fitzpatrick, Principal, comments: “One of the great things about public infrastructure projects is that they benefit the entire public. The Gateway Bridge will make a real difference in the lives of many people in Spokane, and the enthusiastic public reception of the project has been very rewarding for the design team.”The robust details of the 450-foot span brid... More

Project • By David Coleman ArchitecturePrivate Houses

View Ridge Residence

SiteThis family home is located in the View Ridge neighborhood, on a steep, city lot overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. The site offers big, easterly views, but compromised day-lighting due to the close proximity of other houses and the road. The vertical drop from the road to the rear yard is over twenty four feet. ProgramThis 3000 square foot building is designed to accommodate a growing family, with ample access to outdoor living space, the street and yard. Given the view opportunities and light constraints, creating a 'balanced' quality of daylight in the interior spaces - without compromising privacy - was imperative. Our clients also wanted to keep an eye toward 'aging-in-place', by setting the lower level up... More