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Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenOffices

Via Donau Administration

The long, one-story structure perfectly and naturally merges into the existing ensemble on the banks of the Danube. Yet it successfully redefines the place, recharges it and provides it with a new unique identity. Floating on a “high-water platform”, its subtle elegance radiates far into the river basin and reflects the interplay between longitudinal wood volumes and transversed rural massive buildings. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The roof gable is slightly tilted and lifted to underline the main entrance accessible by ramps. The foyer and the multifunctional seating room are connected to the front terrace to be clearly visible and enhanced to high quality spaces. The wide vertical wooden lamellas to the Danube underl... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenOffices

Wiebeba Administration

The cubic administration building with its asymmetrically cut windows sets a landmark for the site of the hardwood sawmill Wibeba Holz in Wieselburg. With its eye-catching appearance, the small cube can assert itself against the large neighboring industrial buildings and at the same time blends harmoniously into its environment with loosely built up single-family houses. Bruno Klomfar The conceptual idea is based on the requirements of the room program, which in addition to offices also includes specific facilities such as training, recreation and presentation rooms. Due to the split-level typology, each floor is raised by half a story creating elevated rooms according to use. The asymmetrical central access core, which serves as a su... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenFire stations

Fire Sation Mellau

The dual-purpose medium-size structure is located on the right bank of the Mellenbach. The design concept reminds of a fluvial terrace and pays homage to the topography; both longitudinal sides of the structure reference the Geländesprung (jump in the terrain) measuring one and a half stories. This integrates the attractive functional building into the fabric of the surrounding settlement. Bruno Klomfar The access path, parking lots and the vehicle hall are located on the lower level. The gates open toward the entrance piazza along the quayside, while the coatroom and service rooms at the rear section maintain daylight through a ribbon glazing. The offices of the fire station and the mountain rescue station are accessed along the... More

NewsNews • 18 Jun 2021

10 highlights in the work of Kengo Kuma

At 10 years old Kengo Kuma decided he wanted to become an architect when his father took him to see the Yoyogi National Gymnasium by Kenzo Tange. By the time he reached college he traveled to search for something to replace the predominant building materials concrete and steel. After visiting sun-dried brick houses in the Sahara and modest wooden houses on Japanese islands, he became convinced that the age of large tall buildings had come to an end, in place for small- scale architecture informed by rural villages.  In the 90s during the Japanese economic downturn Kuma had the chance to work on small buildings in the countryside. Working with local craftsmen he noticed the stark contrast between them and the building managers in Tokyo... More

Project • By Graham Baba ArchitectsBars


Situated in a 1950s-era, single-story building on Main Street in downtown Edmonds, Leftcraft is casual and approachable, yet distinct from local restaurant and bar establishments. Rich materiality and an embrace of time-worn patina set the venue apart from other establishments in town. The latest in a series of restaurants developed by the same owner, Leftcraft evolves the exploration of themes established in the most recent iteration. Here, the design explores and plays with themes of materiality, color, and texture and the contrast between new and old.   The infill building, modified at various times during its existence, features concrete walls and floors and a tongue-and-groove Douglas fir ceiling, all of which were cleaned and le... More

Project • By EGM architectsApartments


KlokGroep has commissioned 78 spacious new-build apartments on an artificial mound in the green Dike Zone along the River Waal in Nijmegen. The spacious apartments, contained in three buildings, offer space and tranquillity close to the city and panoramic views of the river and the green landscape.    Situated on a mound The complex consists of three volumes that step up in height and increase in size, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Similarities in design and materials ensure that the three unite to form a close-knit ensemble. The biggest and tallest building consists of six floors and, in terms of height, appears grandly imposing beside an old orchard. The other two buildings, five and four floors in height, ar... More

Project • By Surfacing SolutionHousing


Interior Design meets Real-Estate Development in this Southern Califiornia Residence More

Project • By Rulon InternationalOffices

Capital One M1

Capital One’s new Tyson’s Corner, VA headquarters is - by design - a multi-skyscraper campus that adds to the region’s skyline and includes infrastructure updates to the surrounding trafficways, multi-use residential and commercial spaces, and a 1.5 acre greenspace for public use. The primary goal of the project is to co-locate the company’s 7000 local employees to a single campus and enhance their work-life balance while reducing or eliminating commuting. A major part of the project includes comprehensive amenity additions and updates to communal areas of the original headquarters building - colloquially known as ‘M1’.  In 2020, construction teams completed an upgrade to the 6th floor ‘Hub&rs... More

NewsNews • 19 May 2021

Lucky Chan utilizes local materials and traditional Indian craft techniques in a modern context

In Bangalore, India, the ground floor of a two-storey home was leased for this trendy, casual Asian restaurant. With a total area of 150 square meters, MAIA sought to use local materials and traditional Indian craft techniques in a modern context. Gokul Rao Kadam A 250 module wooden installation was created in collaboration with local artisans in the nearby township of Channapatna. Specialising in hand lathe woodwork and natural lacquering for over two centuries, this art form is 100% eco-friendly and handmade. The lacquer colours are derived from natural sources and include red (manjista root), yellow (turmeric & tesu flower), green (Indico extracted from Indigo dyes) and brown (walnut bark). The modules are fixed 450mm apart in... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoDistribution Centres

Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD)

The Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) makes a daily impact on hunger by distributing nutritious food across Chicago and Cook County. Their new volunteer orientation space informs visitors of the incredible work employees perform each day and inspires the community to support their mission. Office branding reminds employees to cultivate and celebrate progress daily. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital

Top-ranked Lurie Children’s Hospital provides superior pediatric care with a legacy of excellence. Inspired by the tactile optimism of children’s toys, a series of installations reminds employees of the patients, families and communities they serve each day. More

NewsNews • 26 Apr 2021

The Birdhouses take a playful approach to the extension of a family home

Located in the outskirts of Copenhagen, ‘The Birdhouses’ is an extension to an existing family home constructed in the 1980s. Taking best advantage of the site, the new build is oriented toward the south, looking over a lake and forest area. After exploring various volumes and shapes for the extension, Werkt Studio developed the concept of a succession ‘Birdhouses’ that decrease in size as one moves away from the main house. Asbjørn S. Falck The program for the project required the addition of several rooms and the renovation of existing spaces. The idea was to divide the house and extension into different houses so that the children of the owners can visit with a sense of independence and without distur... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRural

Podere Bedano

The property, an antique Tuscan farm whose original nucleus dates back to 1712, lies near Casale Marittimo, a small town of the Alta Maremma, located 10 km inland from the sea. The challenge was to introduce and involve minimal and contemporary architectural elements in an environment rich in nature and tradition. The solution adopted to achieve this objective has been to maintain as much as possible the vernacular architecture of Maremma using local technologies and materials for the external envelope, juxtaposing minimal design and clean interiors. The help of local workers during the construction phase has been crucial for plugging the building in the landscape and environment context and to respect local architectural traditions. Act... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Feeding America

Feeding America offers help to those in need through a nationwide network of food banks. Their mission is simple: to feed America’s hungry and engage the country in the fight to end hunger. Branded elements in their updated office bring Feeding America’s stories to life, showcasing their brand patterns, extensive color palette, and beautiful photography. More

Product • By Ars Estúdio - Design and InteriorLuz Chair

Luz Chair

Created for commercial use but that fit perfectly for your home. This is the core idea of Luz Chair concept. Originaly used for meeting rooms, but already tested at dinner tables bringing a clean and fine design to your project.  More