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Product • By Billiani srlFITT HUG


Victor Carrasco explores the successful single-shell style of seating, and with Fitt Hug he broadens the concept of the Fitt chair. In this new interpretation, the wrap-around body has clear and decisive lines. Always essential, it combines in a vers... More

Product • By Billiani srlVincent v. G.

Vincent v. G.

Amongst Vincent Van Gogh's various paintings, there are a number that feature chairs. Simple, solid, traditional chairs of type that, more than a century ago, could be found in every country house. The Vincent v. G. is inspired by these, a collection... More

Product • By Billiani srlFitt Classic

Fitt Classic

Creating a chair that is both friendly and essential. This is the idea of Victor Carrasco, who, to soften the traditional Nordic minimalism, has worked on the thickness of the plywood shell to create a one-off within the Billiani collection. As an in... More

Product • By Billiani srlWhite


The White chair is inspired by sixties Nordic design, in addition to acknowledging both the strong and uncompromising aesthetics of its designer, Harri Koskinen, as well as the legacy of Billiani's Green chair, which it also resembles through the cho... More

Product • By Billiani srlGreen


Francesco Faccin is a designer who loves wood and craftsmanship. With Billiani, therefore, the perfect connection was created and Green is the result. The starting point is the Nordic design of the 1930s, but with tweaked proportions. The profile, so... More

Product • By Billiani srlToccata & Fuga

Toccata & Fuga

Toccata & Fuga are a chair and armchair with turned legs, backs and armrests, an exercise in style designed by Paul Loebach and created by Billiani. Two starting points: on the one hand the history of design and classic chairs with turned legs; o... More

Product • By Billiani srlPuccio


Puccio is inspired by milking stools, seats without design or designers which thanks to their functionality, have survived unchanged over centuries. Starting from this quaintly old-fashioned item, which Bruno Munari would perhaps have included among... More

Product • By Billiani srlFratina


Fratina is inspired by those classic chairs with rush seats. In Emilio Nanni's reinterpretation, the designer exaggerates its lines, the legs have a round section and the backrest, attached to the rear legs, is generous to the point of becoming a sem... More

Product • By Billiani srlBlazer


In the Blazer chair by Emilio Nanni, aesthetics are defined by its construction features. The slightly recessed front beam, the raised seat and the tapered legs translate an idea of lightness and elegance, while the armchair and upholstered versions... More

Product • By Billiani srlAloe


Among the first products of the new Billiani, looking for a way to evolve traditional shapes into products with a contemporary appearance, Aloe is a reinterpretation of the rustic chair with a design influence. The gentle lines of the back make it re... More

Product • By Billiani srlGradisca


Werther Toffoloni designed Gradisca on the occasion of the tribute dedicated to him by the Luigi Spazzapan contemporary art gallery in Gradisca d'Isonzo, commemorating his long career. It is a collection that summarizes the traditional values of the... More

Product • By Billiani srlAragosta


  When Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Scorda and Vittorio Turla of Studiocharlie presented the wooden chair they had designed to Billiani, the prototype was orangey red and its name was Aragosta, the Italian for lobster, due to the imposing seat and... More

Product • By Billiani srlFoglia


Foglia is, in many respects, an archetype. Not only does it mark Billiani's entry into the world of design, awarded by Catas for innovation and immediately selected for the Compasso d'Oro and the Red Dot design awards, but it is also the chair par ex... More

Product • By Green Furniture ConceptNova C Series

Nova C Series

Our sculptural seating line Nova C gives you the flexibility and freedom of design through modularity to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy.The design of the bench shap... More

Product • By GaliateaCumaru Loungechair

Cumaru Loungechair

The Cumaru Loungechair designed by local Brazilian craftsman is a contemporary interpretation of a cross between a Savonarola chair and a scissor chair. The ease of use and storage (it is foldable) adds to its appeal. Using locally sourced exotic har... More