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Product • By Casalis BVBASlumber


Who can resist the charm of these comfortable poufs and plaids, designed by Aleksandra Gaca? The poufs are made in a three-dimensional elastic fabric and their shapes are highly flexible. They take the form of your body when you sit on them and they... More

Product • By Louis de Poortereatlanic streaks collection

atlanic streaks collection

The sandy shores of New Jersey and Long Island are whipped by the winter gales, designing ripples and streaks in the sand as if they were abstract paintings. Over a century of skill and craftsmanship is woven into every rug we produce.Woven on jacqua... More
Staircase in West Village Commons at Towson University
The wire mesh infill panels makes this University hall a unique meeting place.
The thin yet strong 3 dimensional weave of the Banker Wire 3DZ-151 pattern constantly changes the apparent percent open area as the viewer changes their angle.
Banker 3DZ-151
Banker 3DZ-151

Project • By Banker WireUniversities

The West Village Commons at Towson University

Towson University wanted to create an inviting gathering place for students to socialize and study, one that included meeting and study rooms, dining and retail shops, and was infused with the spirit and energy of campus. With those goals as its guid... More



With corresponding illumination the structure of the architectural mesh type DOKAWELL-MONO creates single light reflection points while maintaining a relatively high transparency. The intermediate crimps give stability to both square and slotted open... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERAuditoriums

École de Commerce et Management

To accommodate further 2000 students, the university in Marseille has been extended with a new building. This new building houses new exercise and lecture rooms, a large auditorium, a library and a cafeteria. To protect the interior from the... More

Product • By HAVER and BOECKEREGLA-MONO 4391


The flat surface on one side of the EGLA-MONO creates a reflection across the full plane. The special crimps lend the material stability and robustness. Architectural wire mesh EGLA-MONO is available in square and slotted openings.Weight: ~ 6,2 kg/m²... More



Specifications of the type MULTI-BARRETTE are made from solid rods and flexible cable clusters. The rods give stability to the mesh, the cables flexibility enabling very narrow radii. Facings with MULTI-BARRETTE create a light, transparent skin. Depe... More

Product • By HAVER and BOECKEREGLA-TWIN 4253


The flat surface on one side of the EGLA-TWIN creates a reflection across the full plane. Twin wires run perpendicular to the long slot of the opening and create special optical effects. In their direction the mesh is relatively flexible and can be e... More

Product • By Banker WireL-92


Banker Wire L-92 mesh is woven in a lock-crimp style. Straight sections of wire are connected by highly-defined, lock-crimped intersections, ensuring the panels’ stability. This heightens their ability to provide fall protection. More

Project • By Banker WireCultural Centres

Statue Of Liberty Renovation

The Statue of Liberty re-opens on the Fourth of July, with a number of renovations – including new stairway railings inside the monument’s pedestal. Banker Wire provides mesh infill panels for the railings, enhancing the look and durability of the in... More
Lewisville High School
Lewisville High School
Lewisville High School
Banker Wire Mesh Pattern M12Z-17
Banker Wire Mesh Pattern M12Z-17

Project • By Banker WirePrimary Schools

Lewisville High School

Lewisville School District’s oldest – but newly renovated – school now features Banker Wire stainless steel wire mesh. The company provides sleek and durable infill panels for the school’s stairways and hallway balconies. Lewisville High School, f... More
Sinai Hospital Atrium Railings
Sinai Hospital Atrium Railings
Banker Wire Mesh M13Z-145
Banker Wire Mesh M13Z-145

Project • By Banker WireHospitals

Sinai Hospital Atrium Railing

The large atrium of this east coast hospital is surrounded by warm woods and a sunlit ceiling. Banker Wire's mesh pattern M13Z-145 frames out each window opening with a slightly pickled stainless finish to give it a satin shine. The vertical triple w... More



DOGLA-TRIO has been developed in North America by W.S. Tyler, part of the Haver & Boecker Group, and is known as Ty-Rod as well. The strength of the utilized material and the special weave structure make it a robust specification while offering a... More
REDI Corporate Logo Sign
REDI Corporate Logo Sign
Banker Wire Mesh F-2

Project • By Banker WireOffices

REDI Corporate Office, Logo Signage

The backlit lobby sign at Regional Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) office in Columbia, MO, is defined by layers of Banker Wire flat-top stainless steel wire mesh on aluminum standoffs. “The sign almost becomes a physical embodiment of the client’s... More
Detroit Auto Show Display Floor 1
Detroit Auto Show Display Floor 1
Banker Wire Mesh DS-1
Banker Wire Mesh DS-1

Project • By Banker WireExhibition Centres

Detroit Auto Show Display Floor 1

Heavy Opaque woven wire mesh DS-1 is used to display the new line of cars at a recent Detroit auto show. The large sheets of this solid weave were laser cut and pieced together. The shape of this cladding style wire mesh reflects light at many dif... More