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100 Planos Arquitectura

100 Planos Arquitectura

The "100 Planos Arquitectura, L.da" was created in the year 2000 as an Architecture office. Since its formation the office have worked in a wide range of projects, such as nominated consulting, public competitions, private and public projects. Our academical formation occurred at the end of the XX Century, when the digital era enters strongly in the students life. Architecture publications had tripled, and became more influent in the academical formation and started to educate the sensibility for construction in common citizens. The architecture started to be current subject at cafes, evaluated and criticized for all. Expressions as minimalism or after-modernism currently started to be invoked. The critical regionalism of Rossi and Venturi were rejected in preference to appealing images of Koolhas and Ghery. The Europe was not anymore a group of some strange countries with distinct regions.That fact that takes to the deambulation of students and professionals, contributing for a global practical formation. At 100 Planos we don´t see creation as an act of intellectual masturbation, we see it instead as an answer to the needs of others and as a responsability act. Each work is faced as an exercise of understanding a certain reality and are based in concept and content, in opposition to abstract ideas.. Therefore each work is unique and unrepeatable. We believe that irony, humour, narrative, metaphor, and analogy, are fundamental tools in our working method, and we are not afraid to use them. "For me the architecture is not most important. Important they are the family, the friends and this unjust world that we must modify." Oscar Niemeyer .
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