Designers from -, -, Netherlands
s an evolving group of creative travellers, founded by Anabella Vivas, Miguelangel Troccoli and Vanessa Redondo.

A design collective born out of the dream of three ready and willing makers, to create design in the emergent contemporary scenario. Their multi-disciplinary approach brings together experts in architecture, product, and conceptual design.

Each partner contributes his own knowledge and passion according to his own personal inclination and education. The result is a versatile and complementary team able to face any kind of project with integrated approach.

They believe that design is created at the intersection of passion and experimentation, and always base their work on high standards of collaboration, process and product, where knowledge and innovation are basic resources.

The collective behind break-through design concepts, work on creating industrial products, developing internal projects, experimentation and exploration of materials and techniques.
“We merges ours faculties into a mixture of design, architecture and ideation: the production know-how and design awareness of Miguel, the ideas and large scale perspective of Vanessa, and the idea driven innovation and brand wakefulness of Anabella...”