32mq design studio
32mq design studio

32mq design studio

Designers from Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
32mq is a young international architectural and design practice established in 2010 by Gina Furia, Giovanna Gaeta, Pasquale Guarino and Luigi Nefasto in Italy. In 2016 Gina started the separated office branch based in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
With offices in Italy and UK, the practice focuses on creating unexpected special modern spaces that allow its inhabitants to thrive. Each project starts exploring the physical and cultural qualities of places through investigation and observation, resulting in spaces that are unique and responsive to the environment and the client’s brief.
We take an active approach to the creative design process, developing ideas through sketches, models and conversation. We collaborate with clients through the building process taking an iterative approach from concept design to completion continually testing and refining the design and more efficiently combining professionalism with technical competence and flair.
We work with local contractors, craftsman and suppliers to pursue the successful completion of the project.
Projects currently in development include refurbishing a London apartment and a new wine cellar for the Coco Retro bistro in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Gina graduated with distinction from Università di Napoli Federico II where she attended a master class in Furnishing, Domestic design and Graphic, and a one year post-graduate 2nd Level Master’s Degree in Design for the historic city.
Gina worked for a number of award winning architectural practices in the UK, Asia and Italy. From 2014 to 2016 Gina worked for Richard Hopkinson Architects on the awarded Yarrow Hotel, a Grade II listed building in Broadstairs focussing on the interior design development.

Pasquale graduated from Università di Napoli Federico II. In 2014 he attended an advanced training course in New Entertainment Design at Politecnico in Milan.
Pasquale was architect for Progetto C.A.S.E., L’Aquila, Italy, Residential buildings on earthquake resistant structural slabs in collaboration with Cornino + Multari office. He is a member of the Landmark Preservation Committee for the council where he lives.

Giovanna graduated from Università di Napoli Federico II with a dissertation about Cold Formed Steel construction technology system.
She focuses on innovative and sustainable technological solutions and the management of the entire design process, from feasibility studies to completion.

Our consultants provide professional advice and services, design and detailed recommendations to provide our clients with a thorough and efficient service to ensure that their property realises its full potential.
We enjoy seeing the positive impact that our work has on people.
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32mq design studio
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