4th Axis Design Studio

4th Axis Design Studio

Architects from Nanded, Maharashtra, India
4th axis design studio, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Pune and Nanded, was established in 2008, that aims at innovative design solutions. the firm headed by Sagar Mundada and Amit Kasliwal create a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces. 4th Axis's distinct style of tropical residential architecture uses local materials and concepts, but reinterprets them with a unique and contemporary design sensibility.

4thaxis designs strive for tranquility and calmness qualified by space, light and structural order. Architectural expressions are distilled to capture the spiritual essence of ‘place’. Its architecture and interiors are inspired by the cultural and climatic nuances of its context, integrating landscape, water features and blurring the distinction between interior and exterior. Spaces are often characterized by lush gardens, water courts and air wells, engendering a sensuous engagement with the elements. Projects display sensitivity to the inherent beauty of natural materials expressed through clarity in construction details and elemental architectural expression.

The projects designed at 4thaxis design studio refer to the fundamental elements of architecture (light, space, transparency, materiality, and order) and aspire to humanist qualities of serenity, and beauty. Spaces are composed to be experienced sequentially, through choreographed processions that re-center and re-align the perceptual ‘axis’, terminating in landscaped vistas or open spaces. The approach is phenomenological and is about the emotional response of the user to the space. The figure of the architectural forms, often a series of rectangular boxes, define equally important courts, gardens and other external spaces set against the walled boundaries of the lots. Building lots tend to be fairly rectangular, and when not, differences are usually taken up by shrubs or landscape as poche. This organisational strategy allows for the concept of inversion. This can be interpreted architecturally as the building and outdoor court spaces (grounds) being given equal importance and weightage. This strategy has been applied to various projects, where the diagram of the expected open spaces (grounds) has been used to generate the building form. While we work with an international style, we draw inspiration from traditional concepts, craft as well as local material. We interpret the same with a contemporary design approach. We look at design holistically often blurring the boundaries between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape, furniture and lighting
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