Abad Architetti Srl
Abad Architetti Srl

Abad Architetti Srl

Architects from Viale Regina Margherita 33, Milano, Italy
Milan Studio of urban design, architecture and interior design based in Milan. Projects in Italy and in other countries.
Abad Architetti started as a associated partnership in 1999 in Milan, partners Alessandro Bianchi, Andrea Pirollo and Massimiliano Zigoi. They specialized in residential and commercial buildings planning, restoration, interior design, national and international competitions for urban design, urban upgrading and public parks and gardens. In 2009 the three partners founded the company Abad Architects Ltd.
Alessandro Bianchi (1969) got a degree in Architecture from Architecture Faculty in Florence in 1996. In 2001 he got the Ph.D. degree and started teaching at Politecnico di Milano, where he is currently professor and researcher, after teaching for five years in IED Milan (2000-2005). He is author of several technical and non technical works. His research is focused on the relationship between drawing and project, and it also looks at the symbolic meaning of Architecture for the society. Andrea Pirollo (1970) studied at Milano's Faculty of Architecture where he graduated in 2000. He worked as project manager for important multinationals, e.g. IKEA Italy. Moreover he is specialized in working spaces and SOHO solutions. He took part in important researches for new urban spaces and destinations in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. Massimiliano Zigoi (1968) graduated at Milano's Faculty of Architecture in 1998 and and he is currently visiting Professor at the same University. He is also a consultant for Co-housing Ltd, leading companies for Cohousing solutions in Italy, on their main projects. He is an expert of Cohousing. He wrote several articles on the specialized magazine "Controspazio".
Selection of last works and international competitions:
° Taiwan Tower, Taichung (Taiwan) - Observatory tower 300 mt height – 2010
° Club House, Xiamen (China) - Area 10000 sm – 2010 (with 345 Architects Beijing)
° Restyling Justice palace, Lugano (Switzerland) - Area 8.000 sm - 2010 (with M. Caggiula, S. Tami)
° Nuova Porta cittadina a Malpensa, Milan (Italy) – Area 2.000 sm - 2009 (with Inarco Srl)
° Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taipei (Taiwan) – 50.000 sm - 2009
° New primary school, Sichuan (China) - Area 7.000 sm – 2008 (with C. Sisa)
° New faculty of Architecture, Delft (Netherland) – Area 8.000 sm – 2008

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