Manufacturers from Via dell' Industria, 4, Somma Lombardo, VA, Italy
Abimis is a company in the Prisma group that has brought large-scale professional kitchens directly into the domestic setting, reworking the act of cooking right there in your home.
Set up in 2013 to mark the thirtieth anniversary of Prisma, manufacturers of top-end bespoke projects for professional kitchens, both on land and on-board ships and boats, Abimis targets an evolved user, aware and discerning, passionate about cooking but wanting to have all the tools of a big professional kitchen at home.
Storage, preparation, cooking, plating up and washing. Thanks to Abimis, the steps involved in cooking become fluid, simple and logical. In other words, the act of cooking as the real essence of the kitchen, with total focus.
Abimis meets the needs of the end users and builds its kitchens, its ‘micro-worlds’ around them. This is the principle of applied ergonomics, where every detail is thought up and created with the cook in mind, to ensure he or she is the only player in this space.
Abimis kitchens, created from an original project, are artisan-manufactured individually, not mass-produced. AISI 304 steel makes them not only resistant, but also everlasting, easy to clean, 100% recyclable and totally hygienic.
Nothing is left to chance, care is taken with the smallest details and a rational precision is applied to ensure optimum performance, always however with an eye on aesthetics for products in customised colours and finishes.
Abimis, through its two lines, Ego and Atelier, both with a steel core but with different construction types defines a new kind of kitchen. Not just a furnishing element, a real ‘instrument’ for cooking and bringing new light into daily life. Quality that becomes reality, from the refrigerated waste bin to reduce proliferation of bacteria and bad odours, to units that can house chillers, vacuum-pack machines and
other equipment, or built-in sockets, rounded corners, heating systems, etc.
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