AchterboschZantman architecten

AchterboschZantman architecten

Architects from Leeuwarden, Netherlands
In 1998 the office was founded by Hans Achterbosch. Bart Zantman, then recently graduated at TUDelft, joined the team in 2005. After a successful cooperation Hans and Bart became business-partners in 2007. In this year they also changed their location by moving the office from the Spanjaardslaan to the former ‘IJkkantoor’, a historical building from 1879 at the Oosterkade in Leeuwarden. After five successful years as partners they joined their names to become AchterboschZantman architecten.

Both architects are always looking for an optimum instead of a maximum by balancing values and interpreting arguments that are based on a vision. The team consists of a secretary, building engineers, technical designers and project leaders. Architecture and spatial planning is our work field.

AchterboschZantman architecten is involved in regional projects as well as projects all over the world. Within major and integral design tasks we think gathering a wide scope of experience and intellect is a necessity. This leads to professionalism and enhancing the quality of architectural service. We advocate ever since long time intensifying collaboration between architects and external professionals. This way of working inspires, it brings a multidisciplinary way of approaching plans and finally it provides us with the best quality. Cooperations will be made only when it is a contribution to quality. AchterboschZantman architecten will remain independent. Transpositioning in the end-user and respecting the context makes a difference in our work.

Quality of space is about the value of the living environment, on a specific location at a certain moment in time. The quality of space is hidden in buildings, in the village, in the city and landscape. Quality emerges when vision, creativity, craftsmanship and decisiveness meets.

In the designing process AchterboschZantman architecten uses a critical attitude concerning the usual. Integral thinking and architectonic intuition will lead to original, inventive and sometimes experimental designs. With good research and combining spatial feeling and sensitivity towards the practical dimension, we create originals. Historical knowledge, social involvement and the believe in innovation, results in familiar architecture that surprises at the same time. A plan evolves within a precise approach in a dialogue with the user. Quality is realized when functionality, sustainability and spatial perception come together.

At the time being transition processes are evolving in the Netherlands, on levels of all sorts. Many subversions are irreversible. Old values disappear and new values rise. This period of time is also an opportunity, it opens doors for a radical change, for a sustainable society.

Our mission is sharpening the corporate social responsibility. We think an architect needs to be a pioneer in future developments. We achieve our pioneering position by initiating in projects. We combine the theoretical fundament with a sense for the practical dimension: Within research and integral thinking, from careful detailing a façade to a solid control for quality in the designing process. The product always evolves in a dialogue with the user.

The professional client has an important supplemental value when dealing with the transformation of an abstract and complex program into a design. The process will be communicated thoroughly with all participants to answer to all the expectations.

With BIM-software we always have a visual communication devise that shows the design in 3D during the whole process. It has demonstrated a good integral designing process with other (technical)advisors. We don’t eschew the real craftsmanship as well. The combination of futuristic and former techniques can make high quality products. A functional product that blends in the environment. We have a vision and we are always oriented on results with quality in mind. We make the designs within budget and we monitor legislation and regulations.

The private client will be without worries throughout the whole process. We take the responsibility as a designer and we will manage the whole project. We administer the designing and building process carefully and keep the project within the budget. Naturally the client is always welcome to be part of the process, easily done by using 3D visualization communication.

Design tools
We use all tools necessary in creating and communicating the design. We use handmade sketches or Sketchup drawings. We use photorealistic 3D-visualisations and technical designing tools. We also work with BIM (Building Information Modeling), with the aid of Archicad. Presentations we make with Adobe software.

Within major and integral design tasks we think gathering a wide scope of experience and intellect is a necessity. This leads to professionalism and enhancing the quality of architectural service. We