Acme architecture
Patrick Price
Acme architecture

Acme architecture

Architects from Santa Barbara, United States
Acme architecture is dedicated to achieving excellence in the built environment and believes in architecture as an agent of positive change in our lives as individuals and communities.

Acme strives to create memorable environments for our clients through creative collaboration, while working within the realities of program, economics and regulatory requirements.

Acme advocates urban infill development, which protects existing natural and agricultural lands, utilizes existing infrastructure resources and promotes more efficient transportation systems.

Acme believes in building in an environmentally responsible way through the use of appropriate technology and strategies such as energy efficiency, renewable/recycled materials and resource management.

Acme works exclusively in a digital, 3-D, Building Information Model (BIM) format that allows for rapid visualization and testing of design alternatives in an extremely efficient process from initial concept through construction.

Acme has particular expertise in the areas of housing, urban infill and mixed use design, for both the non-profit and market rate sectors.