Manufacturers from strada della romagna 285, n.a, Italy
Adrenalina is freedom of expression, of dreaming aloud, and of coloring the imagination, through bold and innovative upholstered seating.
Adrenalina philosophy is based on the care for technical details, great attention to comfort and softness and a look at the latest fashion trends shape the Adrenaline philosophy. Adrenalina upholstered collections break the mold conferring uniqueness to the place that hosts them paying big attention to the comfort.
Adrenaline draws on the experience and wisdom of the traditional craftsmanship conjugated to the research of innovative materials and the development of modern production techniques, while maintaining the character of an atelier where the desires of those who love to surround themselves with protagonistic and strongly influenced by the experimental vocation pieces can be fully satisfied.
Adrenalina is the refuge of originality, a space where diversity is a value to be protected.
And the uniqueness becomes absolute at Adrenalina, thanks to the opportunity to give a touch of personalization to the products or develop exclusive limited-edition seats.
Adrenalina is a brand of Domingo Salotti srl born in 1999 with the desire to shape eclectic forms and an innovative concept of upholstered seating for commercial use , and also for the residential one, reinterpreting armchairs, sofa and modular soft seating as an iconic and sculptural element stunning but extremely comfortable.
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