æ architecture, Inc.

æ architecture, Inc.

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This Boutique Design Architecture firm is the Atelier of Jeffrey Eyster, a member of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and Master of Architecture. With eight years of college, ten state exams, sixteen years of business experience, twentynine years of working in the field of architecture, and over 200 buildings designed, ae clients get more than Jeffrey's expertise, they receive exceptional white glove service with artful creativity.

Our Architectural Professional Services Include:

· Investigation, evaluation, consultation, and advice,
· Planning, schematic and preliminary studies, designs, working drawings, and specifications,
· Coordination of the work of technical and special consultants,
· Compliance with generally applicable codes and regulations, and assistance in the governmental review process,
· Technical assistance in the preparation of bid documents and agreements between clients and contractors,
· Administering the contract between the Owner and Contractor,
· Construction observation.

Our unique design process begins well before surveys and measurements: the client’s personality, behaviour, existing and future needs, values, and goals are carefully evaluated and considered. Our bespoke Architecture forms around the client's lifestyle, ergonomically tailored to meet their individual requirements.

Sophisticated clients want and expect their Architect to not just satisfy the mere functions of daily life, but to find the meaning that resides in one’s own experience, making the everyday exceptional. We seek to achieve this in all aspects of our design work by focusing on asking the questions that help the client discover what they may not know they need.

The goal of the firm is not to simply be good, but rather become great. By accepting only a handful of projects we can craft each design as though it were a single unique work of art.

Jeffrey Eyster has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Domus Magazine and Web, Haute Living, Space, Archipendium, and numerous other publications.
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