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An agroservise “Agrenta” owned by A. Trinkunas was established in 1994. From 1994 till 1999 the enterprise was known as private agroservice company of A. Trinkunas and in 1999 was reregistered under the current name due to change of activity profile. The founder of the company is Algis Trinkunas.

Cargo transportation is the main activity of the company, however it is also engaged in supplementary activities, such as trade of agriculture and construction technique, supply of agroservice facilities, digging ponds, etc.

We specialize in transporting cargos among Baltic states and Scandinavian countries.

Currently the company operates more than 50 trucks. We have our own repair shop for repairing our trucks and those of our customers.

Our financial rates have been constantly growing from the very beginning of the company’s activity. Growing, reliability and stabile position in the market have been achieved thanks to exclusively respectful attitude to the client’s needs and satisfaction thereof.

We are here to suggest you the most effective cargo transporting facilities together with other facilities our company.
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Agrenta International Transport Utena
Sabaldauskai, Utena, Lithuania