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The Company AIX Architects is an architectural bureau with extensive knowledge and experience. Our company has a solid framework, which embraces knowledge-sharing and efficient resource management. It also enriches our professional life and ensures the best possible outcome for our clients. We have a staff of 100 people, most of whom are architects, but there are also interior designers, engineers, planning architects, antiquarians, theatre consultants and lighting designers, finance staff and IT technicians. The Projects We focus on three main areas: city planning, new construction and renovation / restoration. Our urban planning commissions include visionary design proposals for major areas and master planning of properties and entire neighbourhoods. For the most part, we are commissioned by municipalities and property developers on the basis of competitions and parallel assignments. x Within the area of new construction, we work mainly on residential properties, schools and public buildings at all stages; from design concept to finished construction documents. Renovation and restoration involves preserving existing buildings and, usually, adding extensions in a sensitive environment. Drottningholm Palace and the Royal Dramatic Theatre are examples of environments that we manage. The firm’s antiquarians carry out cultural history assessments, and develop preservation programmes and preservation and maintenance plans. We also design interiors in old or completely new environments. One of our distinctive areas of expertise is theatre design, which includes theatre technology and lighting.
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