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ajc architects

Architects from 703 East 1700 South, Salt lake city, United States
Jill A. Jones founded ajc architects in Salt Lake City 23 years ago as a 100% woman-owned business, with pioneering determination and an unwavering commitment to value for her clients. Jill has crafted an architectural practice that is passionate about relationships, education, and the environment. While ajc’s portfolio spans a diverse range of project types, we are most proud of those that provide solutions which improve our condition, as a whole.

In addition to our passion for improving the human condition, our team’s expertise, technical skill, and design approach is always well-aligned with our clients core values. ajc employs the brightest and hardest working architects and designers and partners with the best engineers in the valley. We are dedicated to thoroughly, and quickly, exploring all necessary possibilities in order to ensure that we’re working toward the best solution... and we won’t settle until it’s been achieved. ajc believes that environmentally responsible design is good design, and we incorporate sustainable strategies into all that we do - in our designs, and the way we operate and maintain our office. Our design work has afforded ajc unparalleled experience in implementing innovative, cost-effective, sustainable strategies into buildings and sites throughout the U.S. The long list of our projects designed/completed over the last decade which are LEED certified, or soon to be certified, by the U.S. Green Building Council is testament to our commitment, standards, and abilities.
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