Heavy equipment foe sale is an essential part of any construction site. Without it, building projects would be much more difficult and time-consuming due to limitations with labor costs as well as material prices being higher than what they would have been without using this type/classification if you had used some sort or another form such heavy machinery that can do most things on your behalf! One place where we recommend going in order get quality second hand products from excellent customer service includes Alex Lyon & Son - They offer all types including cranes / tower trucks.

Alex Lyon and Son offers the most diverse selection of used construction machinery in all areas. Whether you need a crane or excavator, we have what your business needs to get jobs done right! Alex Lyon and Son is the leading provider of pre-owned heavy  use equipment for sale in all types, including cranes, bulldozers excavators more. For quality service at affordable prices contact us today! Our knowledgeable staff is here for any questions that might arise during this process - just give us Call today.


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