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Alexey Rozenberg

Architects from Moscow, Russian Federation
Alexey Rozenberg Was born in 1957 in Tomsk, Russia. After graduating from Almaty Architecture and Construction Institute he stayed at the Institute and taught at the Department of Residential and Commercial Architecture, along with conducting private architectural practice. He received his Master of Architecture degree at Research Institute of Educational Buildings in Moscow in 1988 and worked as an Associate Professor at the Fundamentals of Architectural Design Department. Alexey is residing in Moscow since 1991, where he is conducting private architectural practice. He is an architect of multiple residential houses, and residential and commercial interiors. Member of the Moscow Architectural Society and Union of Architects of Russia.

Winner of Architectural Award 2002 in the category "Public interior" nominee in the category "Individual House" (2003), the nominee in the category "Interior of the apartment" (2006), the nominee in the category "Interior of the apartment. Innovation" (2007) award winner in the category "Classics" (2008), the nominee in the category "Innovation" (2008).

"Create spaces based on simple shapes that can generate curiosity and investigative interest"
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