Alicia Holgar is an interior architect and designer based in Brisbane, Australia. Specialising in bespoke residential and boutique commercial projects, Alicia is passionate about crafting spaces that resonate as a sanctuary for wellness and wellbeing. Alicia is an inspired and innovative creative who carries forth the third generation of architects and designers in her family, who migrated from Europe to Australia. An earlier career in property has enabled Alicia to work across projects in the residential, commercial, education and development sectors. Throughout this time, she has had the privilege to work for private clients, through to national and international property and architecture firms on both heritage and cutting edge projects. Most recently, Alicia was part of the interior architecture team at top-tier architecture firm, Architectus Australia. Alicia deeply cares for each client and project she undertakes with a collaborative and considered approach guided by her holistic set of principles and practices. She intuitively balances a high level of acumen whilst stretching the boundaries of her craft to inspire greater value add within scope. Whilst each space naturally evolves with its own identity, Alicia aims to embed quality, cohesive calmness and conscious creativity in all projects that ensures an equal outcome of aesthetics and ethics. Above and beyond, Alicia is impassioned by resonance and hopes to continue her Honours research in exploring space as an interior ecology, and a sanctuary for wellness and wellbeing.
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