Altius Architecture, Inc.
Arnaud Marthouret
Altius Architecture, Inc.

Altius Architecture, Inc.

Architects from Toronto, Canada
Altius is a full service Architecture and Construction Management firm, licensed by the Ontario Association of Architects that spearheads a larger collective of Engineers, Consultants and Constructors who all share a common interest in providing exceptional buildings with a goal towards Sustainability.

Altius continues to move towards a complete, holistic and collaborative approach to building. We believe that the best buildings are achieved when architects, engineers, consultants, constructors and clients come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their individual parts. We subscribe to a team approach to building and believe that the confluence of architecture, structure, mechanical systems and building technology must meet at the commencement of the design process in order to successfully meet the needs of our clients, their budgets and respond to our modern times.

We have established close relationships and continue to share knowledge with the best consultants available to us in the fields of structural, mechanical and sustainable systems design.

Over the last several years, due to the success of, and attention given to our projects we have had the pleasure to work extensively all across Ontario and have received numerous awards for our work and our practice. Our philosophy of working closely with our clients has resulted in a diverse range of solutions that fit each individual project. In particular we have proven to have an exceptional ability to identify with the beauty and diversity of Ontario’s landscape and the challenge that comes with building on these unique sites.

Complementing this design sensibility is our desire to move outside traditional practice and remain closely involved in the construction of our designs, to the point of complete Construction Management services on many of our projects. Our experience in these areas has resulted in close relationships and shared respect being established amongst the designers and the local trades. This combination has allowed us to achieve continuity to the entire design and construction process and allowed us to consistently achieve the desired results in each project that would not be possible otherwise for unique designs.
Ultimately, we use this extensive experience to design the most desirable and prudent building for our clients.