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Manufacturers from Marklowicka , Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland
ALUMAST S.A. is a well-known Polish producer of glass fiber reinforced polymer products, such as lighting poles, distribution poles, lightning protection masts and more. The technology of production has been developed by the Central Mining Institute and Silesian University of Technology in Poland.
Company offers a wide range of products which also includes highly developed Smartpoles equipped with innovative technological solutions (sound transmitters, charging system for electric cars, light warning systems, motion sensors, etc.).

Some of the advantages of composite poles:
- the weight of a 8m composite lighting pole (for example) mounted in the ground is 50kg which means huge savings during the installation (no need for heavy assembly equipment) and transportation
- there is no problem with dew point, therefore with freezing, and flooding of devices installed inside the poles
- multilayered composite construction perfectly reduces vibrations arising from traffic and railway traction, which increases the lifespan of discharge lamps and the ignition system in street luminaries
- high-quality polymer composites are resistant to corrosion and acid rain
- composite access doors do not have any scrap value which reduces the amount of damage to poles and theft of doors
- composite poles do not conduct electricity – they are an insulator so there is no need for insulation resistance testing
- the lifespan of a composite pole is calculated at up to 40 years
- poles made of composites are resistant to UV and there is no discolouration
- the smooth surface makes it easier to remove dirt, glue and even graffiti from the poles
- glass polymer composite is resistant to road and sea salt as well as animal waste
- composite poles are resistant to high temperatures and are slow-burning
the production of composite poles is eco-friendly  because emission of CO2 is very low
- composite poles are 100% recyclable = eco-friendly

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