American Bicycle Security Company
American Bicycle Security Company

American Bicycle Security Company

Manufacturers from P.O.Box 7359,, Ventura, United States
American Bicycle Security Co.™ – a marketing division of Turtle Storage, Ltd.™, a California corporation, incorporated in 1986 with twenty five years of experience in the bicycle locker industry.
American Bicycle Security Co.™ maintains the consultation capability to assist our customers in developing successful bike commute programs, selecting the proper bike parking for their needs and budget.
Turtle Storage, Ltd.™ is a manufacturer with a product line that includes lockers for golf clubs, disaster supplies, wheel chairs, sporting equipment, motorcycles and bicycles. As a manufacturer we maintain an inventory of raw materials and our production facility can produce one or more standard or custom lockers with your schedule in mind as we do not have to perform minimum production runs.


From 1986 to 1990 Turtle Storage, Ltd.™ distributed, installed and serviced bike and storage locker products manufactured by others. During this time we had the opportunity to service existing bike lockers plus interface with the locker users and find their likes and dislikes of the products available. In addition, to stay in tune to the customer’s needs, we performed product surveys via mail which gave us design guidelines to improve upon the bike lockers of that era.

Due to the need for product improvements, we started our current manufacturing facility in October 1990 utilizing new locker designs and materials. From that day forth we have continued to be innovators not imitators.
To this day AMERICAN BICYCLE SECURITY CO.™ continues to be one of the very few true manufacturers of bicycle lockers. This enables us to control our production line, which reflects better quality control, time of delivery and the ability to handle, on rare occasion, expeditious warranty service. We can also accommodate many custom features as specified by the customer.


Our facility is 16,000 sq. ft. with a locker manufacturing department and a fiberglass production department. The fiberglass production department (Composite Plastic Products Co.) not only builds the molded lockers but also various other products, including molded seats, boat components and parts for the U.S. military. The job shop fiberglass production is marketed through our Composite Plastic Products Co. division.
Our Production Manager has over 30 years of experience in the industry from design through completed products. He also coordinates all field installations of the bike parking products.
Our shipping department is instrumental in quality control ensuring that customers receive their complete order in excellent condition. With many years experience shipping product not only across the US but also overseas we ship with a number of reputable carriers or if the cost is less to our customers we have our own truck and trailers we can utilized for deliveries and installations. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, AMERICAN BICYCLE SECURITY CO.™ has an ever increasing base of satisfied customers across the United States, Canada and overseas.