Manufacturers from N/A, Seattle, United States
Ample was founded in 2010 around the notion that fresh, approachable, well-made modern furniture can be designed and produced in the United States.

The inspiration for Ample was the number of people I talked to who couldn't find the furniture they wanted. They found themselves bored with the traditional designs at the big stores and discouraged by the prices at the boutique design stores. More than one confessed to ending up at a certain Swedish mega retailer on the premise that if they couldn't find the right piece of furniture, they would spend as little as possible on something to fill the space.

What a shame.

In the middle of the 20th century, America made a lot of furniture. The best of this era was beautiful, practical, well-built, and designed for everyone. You didn’t have to live in an architectural masterpiece or forgo your child’s college tuition to own it. Or put it together yourself from a box of parts.

Since then, a lot of furniture production has moved to other countries, and the term “modern” has become synonymous with cold, uncomfortable, and unaffordable. I hope Ample will play a part in reversing that trend.

Ample products are made in Seattle, Washington with a strong preference for local materials and a deep conviction that furniture can and should be built to last a lifetime - or two.

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