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Amuneal Manufacturing Corp

Amuneal Manufacturing Corp

Manufacturers from 4737 Darrah Street, Philadelphia, United States
Amuneal began in 1965, when a husband, wife, and their dog set up shop in an industrial building in Philadelphia with the sole purpose of fabricating magnetic shields for a variety of electronic applications.

Focused on demanding technical markets, including aerospace, medical equipment and industrial electronics, the business thrived in developing complex assemblies fabricated from a specialty alloy called Mu-Metal. After fabrication, a special process called hydrogen annealing was used to achieve optimal shielding performance. The name Amuneal was born from meshing the terms “Mu” and “Anneal,” to create an identity derived from the performance characteristics of the raw material and critical process step.

Over time, Amuneal established the reputation for being the best in the industry and worked diligently to support and expand our technical knowledge and offerings. We grew from our two founders to more than 120 employees in three locations.

Advancements in display technology, reduced the need for traditional magnetic shielding components. At the same time, our second generation of ownership saw opportunities for growth by bringing our fabrication expertise, creativity, and passion for “making things” to the architectural and design markets. A few tables and one trade show later, Amuneal was launched into the custom furniture business in 1998.

With increased exposure to the architecture and design communities, Amuneal quickly gained recognition as an innovative and energetic fabrication partner. Customers for retail displays, architectural elements and furniture were confident with our ability, realizing that if we could build components for space shuttle missions, then we could do just about anything.

After 45 years, Amuneal remains a family business and a recognized leader and collaborative partner for an incredibly diverse group of Customers. Combining cutting edge technology with an enduring tradition of fine craftsmanship we have established ourselves as experts in each market that we serve, energized to take on the most difficult challenges and confident in providing the most dynamic solutions.