Andrea Langhi Design
Courtesy by El Carnicero
Andrea Langhi Design

Andrea Langhi Design

Designers from n.a., Italy
I’m an Architect and my design work is “focused” on PUBLIC VENUES .
I have a studio in Milan and I have developed projects all over Italy and abroad.

For me is very important to be able to discover and understand each country lifestyles and habits.

I always blend these diverse aspects with the “Italian lifestyle”, giving my designs a distinctive perspective: my “italian vision”.

I was born and raised in Italy, and for me arts, beauty, good food and being together, are the themes that inspires my work and I want to introduce in the places I design.

I also believe that bars, restaurants, lounges, bakeries and clubs are first and foremost a BUSINESS.

They need a “right product” for a “target audience”.

For this reason I consider my DESIGN not only in AESTHETICAL sense , but as a powerful tool of MARKETING and COMMUNICATION.

My objective is not only to design “LOVELY VENUES” , but also “SUCCESSFULL VENUES”, that work.

With my clients I analyse the market and the locations to decide what kind of product we want to put forward and what kind of audience we want to reach.

I then use the information to design a venue that fits the target range.

This allows me to have a wide assortment of venues very different from one another. Because a leisure venue for a young audience will have a different design than an elegant place suitable for an older audience or specifically designed for families or from something like a nightclub and so on.

And always remember that “the venue should not be liked by you, but by your audience!”.

I have been applying these concepts every day to my work since 1995.
And I explain them during my lectures at Milan Polytechnic for the Ho.Re.Ca and Entertainment Design Master.

You may think that architects are just someone dressed in a strange way, all big glasses and bow ties, speaking in a complicated way about incomprehensible things and that will make you spend a lot of money…

Meeting me will change your mind.