Andreas Janson
Andreas Janson

Andreas Janson

Manufacturers from Fuhlsbüttlerstr. 429 , Hamburg, Germany
Actually, we are a normal carpentry as a hundred years ago, the village was supplying your customers with furniture. The difference arises because only in the village. Through the Internet, the village has become bigger, much bigger.

Due to the modern communication facilities like Skype, facetime and company loses the power of anonymity and we can work with customers from all over the world such as the Yin Yang Bank discuss how the old village carpenter with his customers at the workshop window. Previously it was known through the village call from the master carpenter, today it is the blog , the site, the network call, which creates crosslinks. Through these networks we are fortunately always confronted with new design-challenges and invent new furniture with the customer. In the course of recent years, many of these inventions have been implemented and served with the customer's consent as a prototype for the manufactory.

The page shows this dynamic and productive relationship with the customer and is therefore a growing platform, the wood design will show with a lot of individual content.

Our master carpenter from the village was probably on the roll and got to know like-minded people in that time, worked with and learned from them. We are not looking different. We are on our digital roll other craftsmen encountered with whom we work and learn. Through the Design Journal of the page is the user with on the roll and can companions of us know, accompany and purchase your products. The construction diary , the user or customer experience direct insight of the current processes in the workshop or planning. That was certainly similar in our village carpenter and his dusty shop windows, as well as the individuality of the orders. Although offer standard sizes we at, but the orders are often desired with individual dimensions, which we take into account so far. want as an internet platform for individual and clever furniture design offer an alternative to the standard.

"Simple and Sustainable Design of Wood" influenced by the customer, directly available from the manufacturing workbench, so it should be. Timelessness and durability are the filter, and the communication with our customers and the product. As earlier ... we certainly share a last common with the old carpenter. When the day's work done, we sit contentedly to the workshop and a cold beer.

We hope that when you look at our friends were able to look at an ancient craft, the carpentry win. For us there is nothing better than to think, to draw and build. Furniture are like friends and we go into our production with the mandates entrusted to us by: friends will be treated well!
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