Architects from Querétaro, Qro., Mexico
Architecture goes BEYOND the contemporary moment we live in.

anonimous was founded as an act in which the attitude of a project is defined; taking the responsibility of reading and interpreting the different condition surrounding a Project, such as, nature, context, humans, society, sustainability and economy.

We interrogate and research remarking the principles of liberty, relationship with nature, dialogue with the context, sensorial fullness and the natural coexistence of man and spaciousness.

Architecture is created by the relationships that human beings are developing with the place and then with the constructed space.

We believe that the action of materializing ideas is what gives sense to architecture.

We stand for the principle of duality between the local identity and the universal sense; answering to what the earth gives us, generating an identity through local principles and at the same time, listening to us as universal beings.

We consider that the main goal of architecture has an enormous social responsibility.

We conceive ourselves as beings that pretend to serve through imagination and construction.

We consider that the main purpose is not within the object but in the experience.