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Ant Studio

Architects from D 64, Fourth Floor Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi, India
Working across the intersections of art, architecture and design, our studio was founded in 2010. Through our approach to projects we push for Designs that could go beyond functional and aesthetic concerns to generate a romantic conversation between the built and nature. As a research driven interdisciplinary studio, we focused on material exploration and advanced tools, connecting labor intensive construction methods with technology.

Over the years, parametric and digital fabrication tools became instrumental in realizing the challenges set by intuitive design approach. More often than not, computation and fabrication tools have become part of the design process and access to advanced devices helped us closing the gap between imagination and reality.

Ant studio
In 2016, After 6 years of experience within the realm of architecture in India, Ant Studio a futuristic human-robot interaction setup which intends to bring under the same roof, the brilliance of artistic intuition and logical thinking to aid achievement of speedy dividends. Inspired by the team work and intelligence of ants, AnT studio aims to become a practice that fosters experimentation, by practicing a hands-on approach in design and innovation.

The emerging complexities of urban life can be addressed by harnessing technology in designing buildings systems that can live and breathe like us, by evolving places that can operate like ‘lungs’ expanding and contracting. Art, architecture and landscape brought to life with dynamic built forms that could inform new paradigms in design. We explore this collaboration of art, nature and motion with integrated technologies and Architectural Design.

The purpose of our practice is to be able to design the experience and be able to sculpt the spaces that generate the desired experience. Our ultimate goal is to build the intangible and generate a sense of magic experiencing the space. The focus of the built environment should be on designs to bring nature closer, rather than distancing it.

AnT aims to be a studio that fosters experimentation in design and innovation. Riding on technology’s speed and accuracy, Ant Studio will serve as a collaborative between architecture and technology, research and application, craft and precision engineering, art and computational design, to connect these interdisciplinary fields and apply the results in main stream.
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Ant Studio
D 64, Fourth Floor Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi, India