Antica Edilizia
Antica Edilizia

Antica Edilizia

Manufacturers from Via Brumal, 19, Valmareno, Province of Treviso, Italy
Antica Edilizia started out in the antiques business several generations ago.
Over the years it broadened its scope and began reclaiming old wood, and in particular: first patina flooring, wooden beam ceilings, antique beams and planks. Reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular in renovation projects and new builds.
The company has the facilities to treat the wood it recovers, then clean, restore, treat, dry, classify and certify it.
All materials are treated with extreme care, they are stored in the right conditions, catalogued, cleaned and undergo top quality treatments so our customers receive only first class products that are guaranteed over time.
Our specialised staff is always on hand to advise customers with their building restoration projects and interior refurbishments.

Antica Edilizia has experience in the following fields: supplying and building furniture, hotels, wineries, B&Bs, furnishing accessories, floors, wooden beam ceilings, stairs, coverings, boiserie panelling, roofs, mezzanine floors, miscellaneous accessories, siloxane and cryogenic treatments, load tests and classification of beams, digging out beams to insert IPE or HEA beams, and many other aspects of building restoration. It is committed to respecting the environment in everything it does.