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Our firm was founded in 1993 to cater to those who demanded cutting edge aquatic designs and perfection in their execution. As the world's leading aquatic designer, consultant and swimming pool contractor, our founder was also being frequently asked to develop plan sets for other design professionals. Drawing upon the decades of experience actually designing and building pools, our firm quickly rocketed to the forefront of the watershape design and construction field. We now specialize in swimming pool design and consulting services for architects, landscape architects, developers, property owners, design professionals and swimming pool builders. Thorough pool plans and project specific structural engineering, hydraulic and mechanical design, pool construction and supervision. We now consult internationally, designing resort aquatic facilities, delivering complete construction plan sets, managing construction projects, performing quality control inspections for the owners (as owner's reps) and providing construction defect inspections and expert witness services. We pioneered and invented many first of their kind aquatic effects and design details, many that are now routinely copied around the world. Having an actual construction background, allows us to consider the construction process while designing a project. We constantly keep in mind, "how will this be built," instead of leaving that up to someone else to determine. This innovative approach controls costs, eliminates delays, reduces meetings and teleconferences and ensures that your project will be build with minimal interruptions. Our dedicated team of designers, consulting engineers, draftsmen and experts has over 200 years of combined experience - experience that is unrivaled in the aquatics industry. Thoughts from our Founder, Paolo Benedetti: "Building the pool of someone's dreams is not a task to be taken lightly. Many of today's watershapes exceed the complexity of building freeway overpasses and bridges, with budgets to match. Each pool is as unique as the people for whom it is being designed and built. Most pool builders lack an education in design, architecture, history, art, materials and human behavior. Environmental and site influences, desires for privacy, seasonal shade and lines of sight are oftentimes ignored. Architectural details, design & trade standards, and basic construction specifications are simply disregarded." "The conceptual design of most swimming pools has since fallen to the architect or landscape designer. While beautiful in concept, many of these projects do not rise to their full potential, due to the designer's lack of knowledge about swimming pools, spas, fountains and the physics of water." "Realizing that these design professionals needed support during the planning and design phases, I began offering aquatic consulting and watershape design services. Complete conceptual design support is provided with architectural renderings and detail viginettes. Construction documentation includes plumbing and electrical schematics, mechanical room layout, equipment specifications, scale drawing of equipment rooms, architectural details & sections, lighting schematics, construction & installation specifications, industry workmanship standards and waterproofing." "Many design professionals have come to rely upon my extensive international travels to assist them in specifying and recommending finish materials for their projects. I have visited rock quarries and processors, artisans and glass tile & mosaic foundries around the globe. My knowledge of material sciences is invaluable when evaluating a material's environmental performance and durability in an aquatic environment." "Insurance companies, property owners, design professionals, general contractors and swimming pool builders began drawing on my knowledge of pools to settle disputes regarding construction deficiencies and workmanship disputes. Hence, I began offering swimming pool expert witness and forensic investigation services." Paolo is also an educator, teaching at leading international aquatic construction schools and lecturing at trade shows and industry seminars. He has authored over 100 articles and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Luxury Pools, USA Today, LUX (Spain), Watershapes, The Wave, Aqua, Pool and Spa News, Pool & Spa Marketing (Canada), Ambiance Piscines (France), Lexus, and on CNN, HGTV and other programs. Conceptual & Design Services Offered: Review existing designs and plans Artistic renderings 3D CAD renderings (Google Sketch-up, Auto-CAD) Provide energy efficient hydraulic designs, calculations, and schematics Consult on water sanitization options (ozone, UV, ORP/pH, atomic oxygen) Specify support equipment (based upon reoccurring maintenance expenses, ROI's & efficiencies) Controls, automation & systems integration Perform material selections & mock-ups Provide construction & bidding documents (to include all/part): Project details: Cross sections Equipment pad/room layout (to scale) Equipment room layout 3D Equipment room support facilities (electrical, ventilation, drainage, etc.) Plumbing schematics Lighting schematics (vessel, area, or landscape) Low voltage electrical schematics High voltage electrical schematics Details & cross sections Shop drawings Structural engineering (based upon owner provided soils/geotechnical report) Installation practices & methodologies Material Specifications Workmanship Standards Erosion or dust control programs Gray water collection & waste water discharge Site drainage Heating Options (geothermal, solar, heat pumps, electric, photovoltaic, fuel cells, High efficiency NG/LP) Moveable & Hydraulic Floors Rooftop and Basement Pools Construction Management Direct construction/build-out: Our direct contract, management, vendors, sub-contractors and coordination Owner's Contractor Management (Owner's Rep): Review bids & proposals Assist with contractor selection Supervise local contractor, vendors and sub-contractors Progress/Site Inspections Quality Assurance Inspections Feasibility Studies: Existing pool plans review Pre-Property Purchase Existing pool facility conversion/remodel Construction Defects - Workmanship Disputes: Expert Witness Construction Litigation Failed pool structures Vanishing Edge, overflow & hillside pools Workmanship standards: plumbing, electrical, concrete, masonry, tile, plaster & other finishes General workmanship issues, construction tolerances and material testing Standards compliance Workmanship, installation, materials (fit and finish)
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