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Archimed is a company which continue the tradition of the first Michał Grzymała-Kazłowski business which was set up in 2004 and specialized in the hospital design. The owner of the Archimed, as the only person in Poland, has graduated from the studies in hospital design at KU Leuven in Belgium with the Master of Engineering in the Hospital Design degree. He joined studying with professional work, what was an unique opportunity to gain experience in designing hospital, medical clinic and other medical buildings. The studies was organized as a practise activity, what was giving the opportunity for having contact with the expert from this profession from European Union. During process of designing hospital or medical clinic we go by not only polish law, but also interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of planning a medical services. We have a knowledge from the medical technology, functional and economical optimization by what should be characterized the best project.
During last year of intensive work the archimed’s team specialized in designing hospital, medical clinic, health care taker, nursing home and other medical building and now the team is preparing projects which focus on medical technology and programming the function. At present we are primarily concerned on designing with the high technology: project of hospital with different skills profile, laboratory, medical clinic, health care taker, rehabilitation centre, nursing home, health resort and also public utility building like hotel, school, sport facility. We offer and guarantee full-service design, starting from started concept project and analyses, by helping in budget formulation, obtaining the building permit, preparing required final project and specialist description, ending on gaining using permit. We have a knowledge, competence and experience to could offer services at the highest level. Many from our clients trust us from long time, what is seen in references. The project of hospital, clinic and school designed by Archimed are optimized in respect of low costs both in building and exploitation. We know, the designing of the hospital is a responsible task, which has influence on people's health and patient's life. Archimed means not only designing of the hospital and clinic. We have in our portfolio also executed projects of schools, residential building, large and luxury hotel and so on. What is more we deal with investment consulting connected with medical and general-building projects. We can optimize functional, financial and other aspects of the hospital and clinic projects. In addition to this we offer also inspection of medical building designed by other architectural office. Finally, we can help the investor in choosing the best localization for new investment.
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