Architects Šebo Lichý
Architects Šebo Lichý

Architects Šebo Lichý

Individual approach to each client.

 We vanish the boundaries between an architect and client. We strive to draw the client into the process of creation with permanent discussion. For us, client is a partner for dialog, and not someone to whom we dictate what he should like or how should he live. Architect does not own patent on sense nor beauty. That is why we do not force our aesthetic to client. We seek for something individual and original in every client that reflects his lifestyle and what we then transfer into the architecture. We do not have specific handwriting, which we consider as our advantage. We get inspired by foreign artwork but we do not copy. Architecture cannot be routine, uniformed, neither globalized. Thorough analysis of the place, respect for the Genius loci. Every land has its own specifications. Architecture must take advantage of its strengths and eliminate its negatives. We are looking for innovative solutions. We try to look at things without prejudice. This is way for our architecture to be actual, to reflect real life and not be just an illusion. Architecture is an exciting game we enjoy.


We provide complex services •

All stages of project documentation (study, zoning decision, building permission, tender documentation, realization project, works documentation, study and interior design project, actual project execution) • Checking studies (verification of land utilization, compliance of the investment plan with zoning planning, possibility of connection to infrastructure links) • Engineering activity (preliminary discuss of the investment project, zoning decision, building approval, building permission) • Assessment of business plan, feasibility study, market research, locality program • Marketing strategy, advertising and PR consulting • Architectural supervision • Technical supervision of investors • Construction managing (vendor selection, continuous cost controls, handover to customer, removal of errors and unfinished works, final accounting) • Cost optimization (cost forecast, budget, value engineering)

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